Justice League of America #7.4 – Black Adam

I review Justice League of America #7.4, by Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates, with art from Edgar Salazar, Jay Leisten and Gabe Eltaeb, published by DC Comics as part of Villain’s Month.

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The Best of the First Half of 2013 in Comics

I run down the Best of the first half of 2013 in Comics, showcasing what I think have been the best series of the year so far, in a random order, using the series’ latest issue as cover art.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 16: Dead To Rights – TV Review

I write a review of what might be one of the best Arrow episodes so far.

“Awesome action, some great twists and an epic conclusion with only a few flaws make Dead to Rights a great episode to watch and one of the best of the season so far. 

Full Episode Spoilers Inside!

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The Green Lantern Reading Challenge

Alright, so to go in conjunction with my 30 Graphic Novels to Read in 2013 goal, I have decided to create three challenge-within-a-challenge goals to read, and will be posted over the course of this week. First off though, we start with The Green Lantern Reading Challenge.

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