About Me

I’m a book reviewer for The Founding Fields  and I go by the username Bane of Kings on many places around the web, from here to here and beyond. I read a broad range of genres: fantasy, sci fi, crime, thriller, horror, and graphic novels (mostly those published by Marvel and DC), and this is my own personal Writing Blog, where every so often I’ll post random stuff, often related to writing as my aspirations are to have my work published. (And actually complete a decent-sized novel, for a change).

I’m a UK College student (unfortunately having to attend a third year), and can be found on twitter, as well as various related forums like mentioned above.

2 comments on “About Me

    • Not really, I just posted that video because it was some awesome gameplay. I’m a fan of the Total War series and would be picking up Rome II if I had a powerful enough laptop, so any interesting news, videos etc that I find I’ll probably post. (Sorry for the delay in responding, btw – I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks).

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