Batgirl #25

I review Batgirl #25, the Zero-Year tie-in issue written by Marguerite Bennett with artwork from Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion, with the cover by Alex Gardner – and published by DC Comics. This has to go down as my Pick of the Week.

Batgirl #25

Story: Marguerite Bennett | Art: Fernando Pasarin, Jonathan Glapion | Cover: Alex Gardner | Publisher: DC Comics

 A BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in! Barbara Gordon is forced to protect her brother and her homestead in anticipation of the upcoming storm—but it’s here that she learns the true meaning of “home” and “hero.”

Well, this issue proves that you should always give creators second chances in different books. I wasn’t too happy with Marguerite Bennett’s Batman Annual #2 collaboration with Scott Snyder but she really came into her own here when given free reign over Batgirl #25, a storyline that ties into the ongoing Zero Year event. So far we’ve been proven time and time again that allowing other creators onto Zero Year was a good idea – everything that I’ve read so far (Action Comics, Detective Comics & Green Arrow) has all been fantastic and Week Two so far is shaping up to be quite similar in terms of quality, and it’s almost a shame that I’m not picking up any Zero Year tie-ins in Week 3.

As usual, Alex Gardner brings a stellar cover art to the table and I just love that image of Barbara standing on top of that Gargoyle. It’s just awesome and easily has to go down as my favourite comics cover of the week. The interior artwork is also fairly solid as well – Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion doing a pretty solid job but nothing as jaw-dropping as the cinematic cover on display.

This issue puts the early Barbara and James Gordon Jr. in an unusual situation. When a massive storm hits Gotham City – their father has to leave for work. As soon as he leaves, they get an order to leave their home – or risk being flooded. Hence they team up with another group of survivors including some who aren’t as trustworthy as they appear – and a great issue unfolds. I loved how Bennett pulled off the book, making it work perfectly as a standalone as it manages to tie into Zero Year. Whilst I don’t feel that the increase in pricetag was necessary, Bennett does a pretty good job to make this issue not feel like a disappointment. It’s her best work so far and I can’t wait for the Lois Lane one-shot next year.

The only downside about this issue was the fact that it really didn’t feel like it was enough content to justify the extra $1 that moved it up to the $3.99 pricetag as opposed to the regular $2.99, and that’s the problem that I’m having with all the Non-regular $3.99 titles in Zero Year at the moment. This was 28 pages – which might not have made it the best for readers on a budget, which was a shame – because I really enjoyed Batgirl #25 – in fact, I think it has to go down as my Pick of the Week, as Bennett brings some excellent work to the table here.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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