Arrow S2x05 “The League of Assassins”

I write a spoiler-filled review of the fifth episode of Arrow’s second season, entitled The League of Assassins. 

Arrow Season 2 Poster

And this is it. The big one. The League of Assassins have been teased since the introduction of Black Canary and it’s great to see that when we do get an episode bearing their title it does not disappoint – continuing the strong form that kick-started Season 2, carrying on from the end of Season 1 – with some great scenes, possibly one of the highlights of this episode being actually an interesting plot focusing on the Lance Family. The moment where Sara found herself reunited with Quentin was one of the best moments of the episodes – and really poses an interesting dynamic for the show in the future now that Quentin is as close as a member of Team Arrow as you can possibly get without knowing that it is Ollie behind the mask.

I flat out loved this episode. When I made a list of Top 10 of my favourite TV shows earlier in the week I ranked Arrow as 7th, sat in-between The Walking Dead and Doctor Who. Now though I really wish that I’d ranked it higher – because the progression of this show from fun entertainment in the earlier stages of Season 1 to the awesome sequences that establish itself as one of the best TV shows currently on air. Each episode is nonstop thrill after thrill, and it still shows that it can handle the more emotional moments of this series very well. Whilst we don’t get much in the way of Season 2 newcomers this episode, be they Sin, Sara’s friend who got injured in the previous episode, Summer Glau’s character or Sebastian Blood in this episode – no Roy Harper, or barely any flashbacks focused on Ollie, Slade and Shado as much as there has been in the past – (Instead this is a largely Sara-centric flashback sequence), it’s still packed with awesome moments. I loved the reveal of the League of Assassins from Sara to Oliver, and it’s interesting to see beforehand the reaction that Oliver has when he sees somebody wearing Malcolm Merlyn’s costume – not knowing about the League he initially thinks that it’s Malcolm Merlyn back from the dead, only to later discover another member of the League of Assassins. And of course, Diggle has heard about the organisation.

And who else got the “Mind your surroundings” quote from Sara? This is as close as it looks like we’re going to get in connecting this with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy or even Batman for that matter for at least this season and that’s a great thing to include. The entire fight scene between the three Assassins against Arrow, Sara and Quentin was very interesting to watch unfold and whilst it’s a shame the Sara arc seems to be done with for now – the Arrow producers have actually got to the point where I hope Sara stays as the Black Canary rather than being replaced by Laurel at some point – because I really preferred Sara in this episode and wouldn’t mind her sticking around for more.

So overall, this was another stellar episode. Arrow shows that it can be consistently awesome and anyone who gave it up early on in Season 1 should be regretting that decision now. I kind of wish that I had given Revolution a second chance because like Arrow (apparently) it’s meant to get much better in its second season, but for now I think I’ll leave it alone as Revolution’s pilot was easily one of the worst first episode of a TV series that I’ve seen in years.

And with a next episode trailer teasing the return of Deadshot – things can only get better.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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