Justice League of America #8

I review Justice League of America #8, written by Matt Kindt with artwork from Doug Mahnke, published by DC Comics.

Justice League of America #8

Story: Matt Kindt | Art: Doug Mahnke | Cover: Doug Mahnke | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99

A “Forever Evil” tie-in! THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA IS DEAD. But in the aftermath, one of the team’s members uncovers the JLA’s darkest secrets!

If you’re following Forever Evil, then Justice League of America #8 is a tie-in that’s surprisingly important in the overall scheme of things, with the main focus on Martian Manhunter and Stargirl, who characters who haven’t received much love in the New 52, now look to be the new stars in this series when all the League members have vanished. Where to, do you ask? It looks like you’re about to find out if you pick up this issue, written by Matt Kindt, who seems to be doing pretty much everything at Marvel and DC right now – which thus means I was interested to see how this issue would play out, especially as Ithe Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are characters that I’d love to read more about and think that they should both get their ongoing series.

However, for the moment, this looks like the closest that we’ll get, and based on what I’ve seen from this issue, it looks as though we’ll be in for a fun ride and I can see myself certainly sticking with this book as it progresses, which is good news because I was planning on dropping this series after Trinity War finished. So Matt Kindt has managed to keep me reading this book, even if it’s more of the unraveling mystery than the draw of the writer or artist – even though Doug Mahnke is a pretty impressive artist regardless as this issue demonstrates. Following on from the outcome of Forever Evil though, the start of a five-part mini-series sees Martian Manhunter and Stargirl being recruited by a confused Jason Rusch – one half of the Firestorm team, as they share the same prison – in order to journey deeper into its depths to rescue various members from multiple Justice League teams. I loved how the prisons for each of the team members were designed to suit various aspects of their personalities, and we get to witness specially designed prisons for the likes of Shazam, Wonder Woman, Superman, Simon Baz and the Flash, that allows for an interesting premise that will make you want to keep reading.

But there are a few problems that prevent Justice League of America #8 from being Pick of the Week, though. The narration isn’t entirely perfect and his characterization of Stargirl comes across as more of a stereotypical teenage girl that differs slightly from her personality that we’ve seen from her brief appearances in previous issues. However, Doug Mahnke’s pencils more than make up for any weak elements in the story, really enhancing the overall quality of the book allowing for a fine read. It looks amazing and if Mahnke is sticking around for the entirety of the five issue arc then I’m certainly looking forward to that, as this could be a lot of fun.

Therefore, Justice League of America #8 comes recommended but not without its flaws.


One comment on “Justice League of America #8

  1. At present the best comic book starring Clark Kent is Superman/Wonder Woman, in my opinion. It’s my favorite comic book right now, along with a Dark Horse series called simply X.

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