Batman and Two Face #24

I review the 24th issue of Batman and Robin, entitled Batman and Two Face, written by Peter J. Tomasi with art from Patrick Gleason and published by DC Comics.

Batman and Robin #24

Story: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason |Cover: Patrick Gleason | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

The Big Burn” part one of five! Two-Face’s first epic in The New 52 sees Batman unraveling the mysterious connections between Harvey Dent’s life and the origin of Carrie Kelley!

Well, here we have our first issue of Batman and Two-Face, and unlike the previous issues, it’s not going to change title every issue anymore. Also, it’s going to be something different – all previous issues featured Batman teaming up against characters, whether they were fighting crime or otherwise (Catwoman). However, this issue sees the return to relative normality as Batman, without Robin, deals with Two-Face in the first issue of the Big Burn arc that’s largely focused a lot more on Harvey Dent as opposed to Batman, and it actually works most of the time. We get to see Batman exploring the connections between Harvey Dent and the origin of Carrie Kelley – who was first reintroduced to the New 52 Universe in #19, and this issue doesn’t feature a lot of focus on Carrie, opting to focus more on the likes of Two-Face, which is a good thing as so far, I’m not a massive fan of the character.

The episode also sees that Bruce isn’t done dealing with Damian’s death yet either, and there’s still things here that show signs that he’s still having trouble moving on. However, unlike previous issues, his grief isn’t the focus, but the focus is instead more on Two-Face, as mentioned before – we get to see an origin story to the character and it’s radically different from what I’ve encountered before in The Dark Knight, but a pretty solid tale as well. Whilst this book in my opinion may be the third best Batbook behind Detective Comics and Batman, it’s still a fairly strong read and the fact that it’s $2.99 helps when it comes to budget, especially as it’s the only $2.99 core Batbook that I’m following (both Detective Comics and Batman are $3.99s).

I wasn’t too happy with the artwork from Gleason this issue. I’m not a fan of the cover and the interior pages aren’t as strong as they have been before. That said though, Batman and Two-Face nonetheless remains a solid book as if you’re used to the artwork like myself it won’t bother you that much, and given the fact that I’ve seen some strong artwork from him in the past I hope he delivers next issue.

In conclusion then, The Big Burn opens with a solid start. It doesn’t quite match the recent Wraith arc in Detective Comics nor the ongoing Zero Year arc in Batman. However, it’s still a fun series and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

VERDICT: 3.5/5

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