Batman #24

I review Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman #24, published by DC Comics. This review may contain spoilers.

Batman #24

Story: Scott Snyder | Art: Greg Capullo | Cover: Greg Capullo | Publisher: DC Comics Price: $6.99 |

Zero Year Part Four! In this amazing, double-sized issue, Batman is on the trail of the Red Hood Gang and their mysterious leader, secret origins are revealed, and a major surprise will change the course of Zero Year and Batman’s life!

With Villain’s Month out of the way, it’s good to be back. I love Snyder and Capullo’s Batman at the moment and there was no way I was going to pass up a double-sized issue despite the extra price-tag, and as a result Batman #24 was one of the first few comics that I read, hoping it would not disappoint.

And boy did it not – like Batgirl, this issue of Batman knocked it right out of the park, like Snyder and Capullo have been doing consistently for the past 24 issues of Batman. Each issue has been visually stunning and this one is no different, with Capullo bringing some amazing visuals to the table starting from Bruce cutting his hair to the fight with a member of the Red Hood Gang who could well easily go on to become the Joker, which makes this issue a damn near essential one for Batfans who want to learn the origin of not only the Caped Crusader, but again – quite possibly the Joker, in the New 52. I loved how this issue really made use of double the amount of issues to tell a really engaging and compelling storyline that sets the stage for #25 as the Riddler makes his announcement, with things looking set to get very interesting indeed. I loved how this issue built up to its awesome conclusion, and as promised, we do get to see Edward Nigma take center stage this issue as the villain is rapidly working his way up the chain to become my favourite villain not just in Batman’s Rogue Gallery, but the whole of DC Comics – he’s just that awesome, and I can’t wait to see how Zero Year unfolds now with future issues of this book given that ending, as we draw closer to that post-apocalyptic Gotham that Snyder teased us in the opening panels of #21, the first chapter of Zero Year.

Hands down, Batman is the best book that DC Comics are putting out right now and this issue further reinforces is status as ranking above the other comics in my Top 5 – that include Green Arrow, Batwoman, Batgirl ( a recent inductee after two stellar issues and a strong third Volume) and Aquaman. This book has really established itself as the best DC book on the market right now and #24 really helps go to further that fact. This book was born because people wanted an origin story for the New 52 continuity and so far, Snyder and Capullo are easily delivering on the high expectations that I have going into every issue. They both prove themselves to be worthy of fitting in my Top 5 comics writers (Scott Snyder, Jason Aaron, Jeff Lemire, Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka), and artists (Capullo, Sorrentino, Williams III, Jim Lee & Francesco Francavilla) respectively and this issue really reinforces why they’re there.

It’s also worthy to note that whilst James Tynion IV doesn’t have a backup storyline this issue, Rafael Albuquerque takes over artistic duties in the last ten pages and whilst the change isn’t as smooth as it could have been, Albuquerque does deliver some fine visuals even if they do not quite match up to the standard set by Capullo. Snyder handles the fear that some fans may have had about a weak origin story for the Joker and it’s merely hinted at that this may be the encounter that gave his birth as opposed to being fully confirmed, allowing for the possibility of a twist later down the line.

All said, Batman #24 is a fantastic issue. It’s well worth the admission price and the storyline continued by Snyder and Capullo is very strong indeed. I can’t wait for #25 to see the after-effects of the cliffhanger ending as well as learn how the likes of Superman and Green Arrow play into the Zero Year crossover. One thing’s for sure though, things are going to look set to be very interesting indeed. This issue comes with a highest recommendation.

VERDICT: 4.75/5

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