Batgirl #24

I review Gail Simone and Fernando Pasarin’s superb Batgirl #24, published by DC Comics.

Batgirl #24

Story: Gail Simone | Pencils: Fernando Pasarin | Inks: Jonathan Glapion | Cover: Alex Garner | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

“Batgirl: Wanted” part two! Chased by her father and the police, and ravaged with guilt over the death of her brother, Barbara has given up her Batgirl identity! But tonight she is forced to take to the streets—with deadly consequences!

I jumped on Batgirl with #23 at the start of the new Wanted story-arc and then went back and read Volume 3 when it became available on NetGalley, and well – I have to say that Batgirl has quickly risen up to become one of my favourite series at DC Comics right now, with each issue that Gail Simone is putting out is continuing to be superb, and #24 is no different, with this issue ranking as one of the best so far, with Wanted shaping up to be a very solid storyline indeed.

I wasn’t a big fan of Alex Gardner’s cover for #23, but the one for #24 has just blown me away. I love his vision of Barbara clutching over the dead body of her boyfriend Rick with her father in the background, and the blood-red bat-symbol just in front of them. This is a really strong cover and the interior, brought to life by Fernando Pasarin, is incredibly strong, which really enhances the awesomeness of the book. Gail Simone’s storyline is just incredible as well, and this issue is no different – it’s one of the books that I really missed during Villain’s Month after its incredible start in #23, and whilst it’s going to be interrupted again for Zero Year for #25, the storyline is moving along at an incredibly strong pace and this issue is no different. More down to earth and realistic than other DC books out there at the moment, this issue really continues to make Barbara’s life miserable for her especially given where we ended up at last issue with her father shooting Rick.

As a result, this issue was always going to be very emotional and Gail Simone nails it. Barbara’s grief is displayed very well as the Commissioner struggles to come to terms with the fact that he’s shot his daughter’s boyfriend. He still doesn’t know that Batgirl is Barbara of course, although judging from future covers, it’s only a matter of time before we find out. This book however handles the changing relationship between the two members of the Gordon family in Gotham City very well indeed, and Simone puts them through hell in this book, allowing for a great reader experience where we can really get behind Barbara and root for her. There’s a reason why she’s one of my top favourite female DC characters – up there with Supergirl and Wonder Woman, and this book helps to prove why she’s great.

I’m so glad I started picking up this book in single issues, because Batgirl is just brilliant. It’s a book that you really should be reading, and it’s one of the finest at DC Comics at the moment. Damn near unmissable, and Simone and Pasarin have done a wonderful job with this issue.

An absolute must-read that continues the very strong form of this series, and with just two issues that I’ve read in print it’s rapidly becoming the first title that I read when it comes out each week. I’m really regretting leaving this book out of the Top 5 comics list that can be found on The Founding Fields for comics to look out for today, as this issue is just that good. It’s incredibly awesome and Gail Simone is proving why Batgirl is just so brilliant, and with the ending, I can’t wait for the next issue of Batgirl: Wanted and the wait is again looking like a long one because of Zero Year.

VERDICT: 4.75/5

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