The Top 10 Ongoing Series That I Want To See In The New 52

I run down the list of 10 new ongoing series that I would like to add to the ranks of DC’s New 52.

Inspired by Newsarma’s recent list of 10 titles they’d like to introduce to the New 52, I thought I’d come up with my own. It’s far from a definitive list – but it’s a Top 10, in alphabetical order as opposed to ranked importance. However, I hope you have fun seeing what titles I’d like to bring to the New 52, however I’d be interested to see what you would put in your list as well. Feel free to bring back cancelled titles like Hawkman – to use an example as what I’ve done, but explain why you have done this. Also – I haven’t listed the creative teams as well. I’m just going to say that somebody good should be writing them. And by that, I mean someone who isn’t Scott Lobdell.


Cyborg #1

WHY? Cyborg is the only members of the original New 52 Justice League who doesn’t have his own book, hence why I think he would make a great ongoing. Given the right creative team, it could allow for a lot of fun, an element of humour and seriousness blended together for an awesome read, maybe featuring team-ups with other characters. I know next to nothing about Cyborg aside from his apperances in Injustice: Gods Among Us and the current Justice League series, but it would be very nice to see him in his ongoing series, especially if it was $2.99 (also, on a side note, all of the books below should be $2.99).


Crime Syndicate

WHY? Given their recent apperance in Trinity War/Forever Evil, this would be dependant on the events that followed, but assuming that the characters somehow found their way back to Earth 3, I would love to see an ongoing series featuring them. I mean, it has the potential to be a killer read – lots of fun and very dark. After all, we have an Earth 2 series, so why not an Earth 3? We have loads of potential for this series and I would love to see this given a chance.  Given the recent Crime Syndicate-shift in Trinity War/Forever Evil, it could increase their popularity to the point where a new series could almost be inevitable.


Gotham Central #1

WHY? Michael Lark and Greg Rucka are doing an incredible Lazarus run at the moment, but I would love to see them return to Gotham City with the GCPD. This would allow for a very awesome series as the creative team follows non-superhero characters as they do the jobs that the many superheroes in Gotham are too busy to cover. Following Gordon and company, this could prove to be a very popular series, even though I’ve not read the original.


Green Lantern Green Arrow

WHY? Green Lantern and Green Arrow are awesome and I would love to see the two combining. It makes sense to include Ollie in more than one title (aside from his digital first Arrow series) and more non Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman team-ups would be great. This could be a lot of fun and really enjoyable as well, so I’m hoping they introduce this series to the New 52.



WHY? I never got a chance to read the previous Savage Hawkman series before it got cancelled but as the character sounds interesting and is one that I don’t know that much about, I’d love to see DC give the character another go. Maybe put him in a team book with Earth 1 Hawkgirl?


Martian Manhunter #1

WHY? Martian Manhunter is awesome, and really deserves his own ongoing series in my book. A popular fan character, the backups in JLA have been pretty awesome and I’d love to see him take centre stage in an ongoing series. He appears to be getting some attention in Justice League of America with Stargirl as well following Villain’s Month, so it will be pretty interesting to see how that plays out. However, a Martain Manhunter series would rock, and I would so add it to my pull-list.


The Outsiders

WHY? I’m not actually that sure about the Outsiders to be honest, having included them after reading a thread about them on CBR and the aforementioned Newsarma article. Have Nightwing leading a team of superheroes would be awesome (or a team-book with Nightwing leading anyone for that matter), so it would be interesting to see how this plays out. However, given the events of Forever Evil, that may be difficult for Nightwing to do that as well, Nightwing. But we’ll see – because the Outsiders would allow for an interesting ongoing series that could draw a lot of fun attention.


Red Robin

WHY? Written by anybody other than Lobdell, I’d be on board for a Red Robin series. Tim Drake is my second favourite Robin behind Dick Grayson so I’d love to see him be involved in an ongoing series that would allow for a lot of fun. Plus, it would also add new titles to the Young Justice line – something which is in dire need of a reboot. Also, Red Robin as a character needs to have some serious overall in continuity as well, to make him a more likeable, rootable and fun character. Given the right writer, I think this could really work.


Shazam #1

WHY? Shazam is awesome, and with the backups and attention that this character has been receiving, a Shazam series is pretty much inevitable especially as Geoff Johns has left Aquaman, freeing up a title for him to write. I’d love to see a Shazam ongoing, and of all of the books on this list, it’s probably my most eagerly anticipated. I really hope that DC do launch a Shazam book, because I think that would make my day.


Static Shock

WHY? Static Shock has the potential to further improve the Young Justice line, and come across as a really cool, Spider-Man esque title for DC. I know they’ve already tried it once, and like The Savage Hawkman, I haven’t read it, but given the right creative team, a Static Shock book really has great potential and I would love to see this character have another shot. I don’t know much about Static as a character but a new ongoing series could be exactly what I need to get me invested in him.


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