Superior Spider-Man #18

I review a Dan Slott penned Superior Spider-Man #18, with artwork from Ryan Stegman published by Marvel Comics.

Superior Spiderman #18 

Story: Dan Slott | Art: Ryan Stegman | Cover: Ryan Stegman & Jason Howard | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99

Superior Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2099. Who will be the most superior Spider in the Multi-verse? Plus: secrets uncovered in time!

With all of the Villain’s Month activity over at DC, it’s sometimes easy to forget what’s going on across the pond at other publishers. For those of you who have been wondering at my lack of non Villain’s Month reviews recently then I hope to make it up with this issue (and more) going up before I put up anything DC related. But without further ado, let’s get stuck into Superior Spider-Man #18, the latest issue in the ongoing adventures of Otto Octavius in Peter Parker’s body, and one of the few $3.99 double shipping books that I’m following from Marvel comics. It thus achieves something that a Peter Parker Spider-Man would probably never be able to do, and that’s get me interested and enjoying a Spidey book.  I’m loving the direction that Slott is taking the series in at the moment and with the current storyarc focused on Spidey 2099, things are set to get very interesting over the next few issues as Otto comes to blows with a future Spider-Man, and because he has wiped the memories of Peter he does not know that Spidey 2099 is his descendant. And what happens when they meet? Well, the cover should answer that question.

Dan Slott has continued to script a pretty solid series that is fast paced, action packed and a lot of fun. It’s gripping, enthralling and whilst Otto may not be the most likeable character ever, the book still has a staying power that keeps me reading even though it’s a more expensive series to read each month. I’ve loved pretty much every issue and have read every issue apart from #7 and the Age of Ultron tie-in, but I can safely say that Superior Spider-Man #18 continues the stellar form that this book is in right now. It never quite reaches book of the week status, but it’s far from being the worst books each week, and with a series this consistent that teases greater things to come, I can’t wait to see where Slott takes this book in the conclusion of the current three issue arc.

The art is provided here by Ryan Stegman and he is on fine form. I loved his cover for the last issue and this issue is equally spectacular, as he really brings great visuals to what is an amazing book. His pencils of Spidey 2099 are pretty impressive and the artwork is always consistent and in my opinion, better than Humberto Ramos, the other main Spidey artist who isn’t as well praised as Stegman and it’s easy to see why. Whilst I enjoy Ramos’ art to a certain extent, I think that Stegman’s is better, and I’ll be happy if he stays on the book. I’d also like to see more issues by Christos Gage in the future – either sharing writing duties with Slott or on his own. Either way would be fine with me, but I’d like to see Slott stick around for a while longer particularly as we have been teased a confrontation with the original Green Goblin for several issues now and hopefully it will happen after this arc wraps up next month.

I didn’t really have any major problems with this issue. The elements of humour are fun and entertaining – Spidey 2099’s inner monologue when he’s confronting the Superior Spider-Man in one scene was fun, when he’s trying to avoid killing his ancestor or hitting him too hard in the crotch. It doesn’t come across as too forced or too out of place, and works pretty well.

Overall then, Superior Spider-Man #18 is another solid addition to a consistently strong series. You can count me in for more of this book, I’m loving the series so far.



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