A to Z Comics Survey

As part of a cross-blogging series, myself, Abhinav (Shadowhawk’s Shade) and Stefan (Civilian Reader) will each be participating in a comic-version of the recent A to Z book survey. My example of the said Book Survey can be found here.

Author You Have Read The Most Of

Geoff Johns. Green Lantern, Justice League, Justice League of America, Aquaman –  the list goes on. This guy can write a lot of stuff at once and most of the time he is pulling off everything he can to make it epic. Whilst JLA is not quite as strong as his other series, it’s still pretty impressive, and I’m loving how Johns has executed his current series. They’re all still fun reads, and I’m really gutted that he has decided to leave Aquaman with #25.

Batman #14

Best Series Ever

Wow. Where to begin? I have loads of favourite series, and I couldn’t possibly decide which one to fufil this spot. Instead, I’m going to rundown my Top 3. Firstly, top spot goes to Scott Snyder’s Batman, with the fantastic art from Greg Capullo. I really love what the two current creative teams are doing with the Dark Knight and the Zero Year Arc that the series is currently three issues in is really epic, already matching Year One-level quality, but having the benifit of being quite literally, a year-long epic stretched out over eleven issues. Second place goes to Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s Green Arrow, which is an incredible series – I’ve loved what they’ve managed to do to the character and salvage the book from being a complete disaster like it was at the beginning of the New 52. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the book that we should have had from the start. Jeff Lemire is an incredible writer and I love the direction of the series and can’t wait for its return to normalcy following Villain’s Month. One thing’s for sure, this book wins Pick of the Week pretty much every month, so it’s one that you should be reading. I wrote a guest blog about why you should be reading this series over on GN Yeah Yeah and if you’re not following it, then I highly suggest you see what I think of the book.

Third place is Mark Waid’s incredible Daredevil. I love the direction that Waid is taking the Man Without Fear and each instalment is another strong contender for Pick of the Week in the week that it’s released in. I just love each issue and last issue’s outing with the Silver Surfer was really fun to read about. I jumped on with #26, but new readers will probably be better off if they go back and read the entirety of the run from #1. Trust me though, you’ll want to read it – Daredevil is epic.

Currently Reading

I’m reading a lot of series on the go at the moment – in fact, here’s a full list of the comic series that I’m following, I’m not going to list the creative teams though because well – it’s a lot of books: All-New X-Men, Aquaman, Avengers, Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batwoman Captain America, Daredevil, Detective Comics, East of West, FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Green Arrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hawkeye, Hunger, Infinity, Justice League, Lazarus, The Movement, Nightwing, Star Wars, Supergirl, Superior Spider-Man, Superman Unchained, Talon, Thor: God of Thunder, Trillium, Uncanny X-Men, The Wake, X-Men, X-Men: Battle of the Atom and Young Avengers.

Talk about a lot of comics. And that doesn’t include Rocket Girl, Pretty Deadly, Zero or any other upcoming books that I’m thinking of picking up.

Rocket Girl #1

Drink of Choice Whilst Reading:

Same as last time. Mostly nothing, but if I do, it will be Tea. Like I did when I was reading the comics that I picked up today.

E-Reader or Physical Comic:

I used to be an e-Reader person before I found out that my Local Town had an Comics Store, and now – digital codes from members of Comic Book Resources’ forum in exchange for codes that I’m buying myself aside, I’m a print reader. Print books are so much more awesome, although there are undoubtedly perks to a digital format over a physical one (it’s only a matter of time before I run out of space. I’ve already ran out of sleeves).

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Long shot here again, but my answer will be Kitty Pryde. She’s awesome, kickass, and one of my favourite Marvel Characters, if not my favourite. Or maybe Casey Washington from Talon. Or Naomi from Green Arrow. They’re all awesome characters.

Important Moment in Your Comics Reading Life:

Discovering the Comixology app when I was in France last year looking for something to read on my IPod. I’ve never looked back since.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

Graphic Novel Just Finished:

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3 by Scott Lobdell, a NetGalley ARC. (Look out for a review on The Founding Fields soon). It’s a pretty below-par read, and I’m getting really frustrated by Lodbell’s apparent need to connect every single series that he’s writing in some form or another through a crossover. And if that isn’t bad enough, he’s even dragging in books that other people are writing into his crossovers – with the upcoming Krypton Returns arc, which crosses over the various Superman comics (including Supergirl unfortunately). Also, note that I have been unable to find a large enough image to put for Vol.3 so I have decided to go with the cover for the Annual instead, even though it is written by James Tynion IV as opposed to Scott Lobdell.

Hidden Gem Comic:

I could answer FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics here, as it doesn’t seem to be receiving as much attention as it should, but I’m going to go with Talon by James Tynion IV. Whilst the artwork has been below par as of late, for the vast majority of the series it’s been excellent. I love the story unfolding and as the majority of the cast are new characters, you get the feeling that nobody is safe and this is far and away the most unpredictable books in the Bat Family that I’m reading. I love the Court of Owls mythology and the main character, Calvin Rose – has quickly become a favourite of mine.

Talon Vol. 1

Kind of Book You Won’t Read:

Same answer as before. Paranormal Romance and Erotica.

Longest Graphic Novel I’ve Read:

Batman Vol. 1: Knightfall, the opening chapter in that particular arc. Originally picked up because I wanted to know a bit more about Bane before going into The Dark Knight Rises, I still haven’t got around to picking up Volumes 2 and 3 yet which I want to do so when I can. Despite its age and dated artwork, it’s still a cracking book.

Most Favourite Comics Artist:

This is a very tough one. I recently posted a list of my Top 5 on Twitter the other day, but here it is again, in a random order – J.H. Williams, primarily for his amazing Batwoman covers, making the upcoming Sandman: Overture a must buy even if Neil Gaiman wasn’t on the book (which he is, which makes it a definite must buy even though I’ve still not caught up on the original series yet), Jim Lee for his stunning work on Superman Unchained and the early issues of Justice League, Greg Capullo for his incredible work on the New 52 Batman – this guy is just seriously awesome and easily the best Batman artist out there at the moment – although Jason Fabok is strong as well, Andrea Sorrentino for his incredible work on Green Arrow – really making me want to go back and read I, Vampire at some point – and finally, last but not least – Francesco Francavilla. I love his covers for the Doctor Who mini-series Prisoners of Time and his versions of the Doctor, but he’s done some great work at a wide variety of publishers, which include his work in Batman: The Black Mirror – and also in American Vampire Anthology #1 as well. Seriously though, this guy – and the others are awesome. Any books with them in it and I will do my best to check out when I can.

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #1-3

Number of Comic Cases I Own:

None, Currently, my individual issues are piled on top of each other on my chest of drawers in my bedroom, sorted by DC, Creator-Owned and Marvel. Most of them have bags though, but I haven’t got around to boarding them yet. My TBPs sit next to them on my desk, between my currently broken lamp and a folder of XBox 360 magazines.

One Comic You Have Read Multiple Times:

Batman #1 by Scott Snyder. Incredible work. My first single issue comic as well, even if it was a digital one.

Preferred Place to Read:

Same as before, in my Bedroom.

East of West #3

Reading Regret:

Not reading enough creator owned titles. I’m following FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, The Wake and Lazarus at the moment, and that’s pretty much it unless I’ve forgotten something. However, I’m picking up East of West soon and Star Wars I’ve just recently started reading, as well as jumping on board a load of other new creative owned books starting with their first issues when I can, most of which I’ve already mentioned above, so hopefully I can rectify this Regret soon.

Series You Need to Finish:

Too many. Geoff Johns’ current Green Lantern run. I’ve read Rebirth and Rise of the Third Army The End, but that’s pretty much it. I really need to catch up on this book. Batman: Knightfall, Sandman, The Walking Dead – I could go on. Why does the comics industry have to keep producing so many awesome stuff?

Three of Your All Time Favourite Comic Events:

From a recent viewpoint, as I don’t believe I’ve read enough of pre-Marvel Now and New 52 books to justify a list, but this is the selection, all from DC Comics – but ask me again after Battle of the Atom and Infinity have concluded – they may be added to this list.

  1. Batman: Death of the Family | Batman: Night of Owls – tied for Spot Number 1. Both incredible.
  2. Trinity War
  3. Throne of Atlantis

Throne of Atlantis

Unapologetic Fanboy For:

Green Arrow, same as before. Go read this book from #17 onwards!

X-Marks the Spot: Start at the Top Left And Pick The 5th Comic On Your Shelf:

I’m going to do this by comic series on my Comixology subscription page – rather than TBPs or Individual Issues, so the answer (as they’re all alphabetical) would be Scott Snyder’s Batman. Incredible series, really worth your time. I love every issue.

Captain America #11

Your Latest Comic Purchase:

Well, I got back from the Comic Shop earlier today, so that would have to be the following series: FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #1, #3, Action Comics #23.2, Aquaman #23.1, Batman #23.2, Captain America #10 and X-Men #5.

Zzzz-Snatcher Comic:

Don’t read comics around the time that I go to bed, normally as soon as I get home – so there isn’t really any answer for this question here.

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