A to Z Books Survey

Following on from the excellent posts by Abhinav and Ria on Bibliotropic, I thought I’d jump on board this A to Z book survey and offer forward my own personal answers.

Author You’ve Read the Most Books From:

Dan Abnett, James Patterson or Anthony Horowitz. Not exactly sure which of the three. I used to read a lot of Horowitz growing up (his Alex Rider series were awesome, although I still need to read the conclusion to his Power of Five series, Oblivion – a book released last year), and James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series (before they went downhill around Book 4 or so) was one of the series that helped get me into reading lots of stuff constantly. Abnett is responsible for really making me invest in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe with his Horus Rising – his Gaunt’s Ghosts books always excel and his Horus Heresy novels continue to be spectacular. I need to read more of his comics for Marvel and DC though, his Guardians of the Galaxy is something that I’ve been looking to read for a while now. The only book by Abnett that I haven’t enjoyed to this date has been Pariah, the first in the Eisenhorn Vs. Ravenor series. Of course, this is presuming that comic issues don’t count as Books, or else it would have to be Geoff Johns (Aquaman, Justice League etc), followed closely by Scott Snyder.

The Two Towers

Best Sequel Ever:

That’s a very hard choice, and I have loads of contenders for that spot. JRR Tolkien’s The Two Towers? Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold? Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Blood Reaver? There are tons of books out there with better sequels than first books. I’m probably going to go with The Two Towers, probably because I think it’s the most awesome of the LotR books. Sure, The Return of the King may have the  Battle of Pelennor Fields fields, but The Two Towers has the Battle of Helms Deep. That beats Pelennor for me, I think.

Currently Reading:

As I’m the type that likes to read a physical book whilst I’m reading an ebook, the latter when I’m on the bus with the former being at home, I’m about to start Taken by Benedict Jacka as my physical book. I wasn’t a big fan of Book 1, but Book 2 improved considerably and I have Book 4 as a review copy so I thought I’d get through Book 3. eBook wise, it’s Manifesto UF, a collection of very awesome Urban Fantasy themed short stories containing Abhinav’s first published short story, Dharmasankat: Crisis of Faith, which I’m really looking forward to getting to.

Manifesto UF

Drink of Choice Whilst Reading:

Umm, is it cheating to say nothing? I tend to listen to music more than drinking when reading, however – as I’m British, I would probably have to be stereotypical and say tea. Nothing beats it.

E-Reader of Physical Book:

Oddly, I’m a mix on this. I prefer e-Readers when it comes to books, but when it comes to comics I’m a physical person. I guess it depends really – I don’t mind which one. I’d probably have to take my Kindle Fire though given the choice as this allows for insta-buys, not relying on whether the book is in stock or not, and there can be some great deals (think the recent Strange Chemistry Birthday Deal where a select number of titles were offered very, very cheaply). Also, I get a bus to and from College twice a day, so saving room always helps.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated in Secondary School:

The original text has it as High School, but because the school that I went to was a Secondary School, I’m putting down that. Firstly, this is assuming she’d actually pay any attention at all to myself – I’d probably have gone with Kitty Pryde. I know she’s technically not a book character but instead a comics character, she remains my favourite X-character from the Marvel-verse and I’ll read pretty much anything with her in it depending on the creative team, and is very awesome. Failing that, Maximum Ride assuming James Patterson didn’t make me slowly start to dislike her character from Book 4 of the series onwards, as during those books she is a very awesome character, snarky independent and kick-ass.

Among Thieves

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

Douglas Hulick’s Among Thieves. I picked the book up on a whim mainly because the cover art was so awesome (without even reading the blurb, which was a first for me), and I didn’t regret it, loving every second of it. Although I may have to go and re-read it before the sequel comes out though, as it’s been a very long wait.

Hidden Gem Book:

Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis and its sequels, The Coldest War and Necessary Evil. Seriously, you need more World War Two books with mad English warlocks versus Nazi supermen in your life. Trust me. A very awesome series that deserves a lot more attention.

Important Moment In Your Reading Life:

Joining with The Founding Fields. Since then I’ve been able to discover loads of new books, and a whole host of reading opportunities that I would never have been able to experience otherwise. Also, getting into the comics medium is another. I now read a lot of comics (as you can tell from this blog and twitter) each Wednesday!


Just Finished:

John Connolly’s Conquest. Look out for a review soon, but it’s a very good future-set sci-fi YA story. Recommended.

Kind of Books You Won’t Read:

I draw the line at paranormal romance and erotica fiction.

Longest Book I’ve Read:

Not sure the exact wordcount, but anything from A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Major Book Hangover Because Of:

I don’t really get Book Hangovers much, but the awesome ending of  Ian Tregellis’ Necessary Evil (book three in the series) was one. Very awesome conclusion. Stuck in my head still after I finished it a few weeks ago.

Number of Bookcases You Own:

I have three in my bedroom alone (Small ones mostly, one underneath my main table). Five or six more in the rest of the house, although they’re more of bookshelves for the whole family than just myself.


One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

Most recent book that I have read multiple times is A Game of Thrones. Book that I have read the most is Dan Abnett’s Horus Rising. Four or Five times, I think.

Preferred Place To Read:

Bedroom Chair, with my bookshelf right behind me allowing to pick and choose what I wish.

Quote That Inspires/Gives The Feels:

I will just direct you to these two videos here. Not even going to tell you what they are, just go and watch them. I should point out that the second one is not an actual clip from the episode (I know this is a book survey but these quotes were so awesome that I couldn’t not include them), but still:

Reading Regret:

Not having read more than Book One of A Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Really need to devote time to re-reading that book as I’ve forgotten what happens, and see if I like it enough to give the rest of the volumes a try.

Series You Started And Need To Finish:

I could cheat and say A Wheel of Time again, but I’m going to go with Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant, a middle grade/YA series that I loved the first two volumes of when I read them several months ago.

Three of Your All Time Favourite Books:

A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks & The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.

Green Arrow #17

Unapologetic Fanboy For:

Jeff Lemire’s Green Arrow series from #17 onwards with stunning artwork by Andrea Sorrentino. I know it’s  for comics but I’m that much of Unapologetic Fanboy that I had to include it in here anyway.

Very Excited For This Release:

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. Release-Day Buy? Quite possibly, unless by some miracle I can get an ARC.

Worst Book Habit:

Requesting too many books to read. My TBR pile (physical and eBook) is so huge already and it doesn’t really need to be increased.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

X-Marks the Spot: Start at the Top Left and Pick the 27th book on Your Shelf:

Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At the End of the Lane. One of my favourites of the year so far, incredible stuff. I picked from my main fantasy shelf, could have picked from the other one or the Warhammer 40,000/Warhammer Fantasy-centric one though.

Your Latest Book Purchase:

I brought lots of books in one go, as they were 3 for £5 in a bargain bookstore. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Heir of the Night  by Helen Lowe and Taken by Benedict Jacka.

Zzzz-Snatcher Book:

Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy. With each book I could not put down until I finished them.

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