Lazarus #3

I review the third issue of Lazarus #3 from Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, from Image Comics.


 Lazarus #3

Story: Greg Rucka | Art: Michael Lark | Cover: Michael Lark | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $2.99

“FAMILY,” Part Three

Forever, now a “guest” of Family Morray in Mexico, shares a message and ultimatum, and gets to know her opposite number, the Morray Lazarus, Joacquim. In Los Angeles, the Twins continue their plot against their father, using Forever as their pawn.

The first two issues of Lazarus really blew me away, and #3 is no exception – Greg Rucka is creating a brilliant story here for us and this is one comic that you must be reading. Like Trillium, The Wake, FBP and Sidekick, Lazarus is one of the few creative owned books that I’m following and out of the five, it’s among the best. Heck, apart from Sidekick, which is not as good, they’re all really awesome. And Lazarus is no different.

This issue sees Forever spending time with the Family Morray, but behind the scenes manipulations continue, allowing for an interesting build-up with a great cliffhanger that has left me eagerly awaiting more, and for the return of Gotham Central (even though I haven’t read the first, the idea sounds awesome enough) to DC Comics. The central character, Forever, is really kicking ass and delivers a great, strong and memorable female protagonist. The creators of FBP should be watching Lazarus because this is how you make your characters have a lasting impression on the reader. And I know I’ve mentioned it in previous reviews of this series, but isn’t Forever just a really awesome name?

Explored in this issue is Forever’s connection with the Morray Lazarus, Joacquim, who’s not as memorable as Forever but this issue certainly gives him a bit more depth as a character but he doesn’t feel as interesting as the female lead, which is a shame. Okay, maybe the creators of FBP should look at just Forever, and not Joacquim for character development.

The art from Michael Lark continues to be consistent and visually engaging, with some great atmospheric detail really enhancing the post-apocalyptic setting that we find ourselves in.

With the exception of a minor flaw regarding characters, then – Lazarus #3 is a solid success, and Rucka continues to spin an engaging tale that will have readers begging for more, especially with that explosive cliffhanger. I’ll certainly be checking out #4, and once more – if you’re not reading this book already, you should be, both sides of the creative team are making each issue a must read.




One comment on “Lazarus #3

  1. This was another brilliant issue in a brilliant series. The interactions between Forever and Joacquim were really great. A minor flaw though: previous issue Beth mentions that Eve doesn’t know what she is. Yet Jo and Eve talk about what they are in this issue. I’m confused.

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