Green Arrow #23

I review this week’s Pick of the Week, Green Arrow #23, written by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, published by DC Comics.

Green Arrow #23

Green Arrow #23 B

Story: Jeff Lemire | Art: Andrea Sorrentino | Cover: Andrea Sorrentino | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

Ollie learns the secret origin of Shado, and Count Vertigo attacks!

Words cannot describe how awesome Lemire and Sorrentino are doing at the helm of Green Arrow at the moment, and this issue is no exception. This comic seriously deserves a lot more attention than it’s currently getting, especially for a book that pretty much is guaranteed Pick of the Week each time it comes out from me from me mainly due to these two collaborating.

This issue sees the conclusion to the two part Count Vertigo arc as we learn what connection this character and Shado have with Komodo and the Outsiders, with some very interesting elements explored here, featuring the teamup of Ollie and Shado in a very interesting manner. Henry Fyff and Naomi also get fleshed out a bit as characters as well in this issue, and it’s nice to see that they’re not just different versions of Diggle and Felicity that we have in the Arrow TV show, even if they have started calling him Arrow now.

The several plots that Lemire draws into this issue are all handled really well – to the extent where if lesser writers were handling this title then they would not quite have been able to pull it off as well as he has, and the subplots are really interesting – all leading up to an interesting reveal once a character who I’ve read a bit about before on Wiki who looks set to be the next enemy of Ollie after Count Vertigo. It’ll also be interesting to see how Shado plays in future issues and how long she’ll stick around, and it’s a different contrast to see how she’s presented here in comparison to the show.

Sorrentino’s artwork is distinctive and amazing, and is just as mind-blowing as Lemire’s awesome storytelling. There’s a reason why this book is my second currently ongoing comic behind Batman at the moment – and that’s because both artist and writer are working together incredibly well. Each issue is a standout and this title has been continuously stellar since #17. If you’re not on board this issue I highly recommend you jump on as soon as you can, as this is the one series that you should be reading, and is the book that we should have had at the start of the New 52.

It’s also nice to see that with each issue, the storyline’s moving forward, and that Lemire isn’t choosing to drag the Vertigo arc out over anymore instalments then necessary – his Villain’s Month title is one that I’ll be picking up for certain, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where that takes us particularly as it focuses around Vertigo himself.

I love how Lemire is developing the Queen family, further enriching the origins of the character and whilst there may not be as much action as in previous issues, the incredible storyline presented to use here along with the strong, engaging artwork – I mean, just look at that cover. It’s easily my pick of the week cover wise as well, with the stunning image of Ollie and Shado fighting back to back in the snow, both wielding bow and arrows.

Bring on #23.1, and then #24. Based on the introduction of the new villain on the final page, I can tell things are going to be particularly interesting in the following issues.



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