And the New Doctor is…. PETER CAPALDI!

So, as you’re probably already aware by now, the BBC last night announced (in a disappointing live event) the casting of the New Doctor in Doctor Who, and – it’s Peter Capaldi.

Whilst I have not encountered Capaldi in anything before, aside from his role in Doctor Who S4, The Fires of Pompeii (something that also coincidentally starred Karen Gillan playing a character who was not in fact Amy Pond), I have been recently watching a large portion of clips from The Thick of It on Youtube, and actually really enjoying it, and It’s got to the point where I actually want to watch the TV series itself, especially as it’s starring one of my personal favourite comedians, Chris Addison (Mock the Week). Capaldi’s acting highlights also include Skins, Torchwood: Children of the Earth and Neil Gaiman’s BBC Mini-Series Neverwhere. Something that’s also been pointed out already, Capaldi actually played a Doctor of the World Health Organisation in World War Z, which is quite amusing if you think about it.

Even if may be male and white again, he certainly does look like a quite interesting choice. He’s a much older actor than Matt Smith, and will allow for a different take from the ‘Mad Man in a Box’ take that we’ve seen before, when it comes to humour. However, with the clips from The Thick of It being watched – I will also be disappointed somewhat if (even though Doctor Who is technically a children’s show and it’s unlikely to happen) no f-bomb is uttered during the cast of the show by the lead character.

Regardless, he’s going to be the twelfth actor to play the Doctor, and follows Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith in the role. However, concerning the recent reveal of the ‘secret’ Doctor, played by John Hurt, this could mean that therefore, rather than actually being the Twelfth Doctor, he could actually be the thirteenth – which would thus mean that this could potentially be the final regeneration of the Doctor, as fans will no doubt be aware that canon from the previous show dictates that a Time Lord has 13 regenerations, so could this be his last one? It’ll be pretty entertaining to watch it unfold, regardless of what happens (but disappointing if whoever is in charge at the time, be they Moffat or somebody else – chooses to ignore it).

Peter Capaldi


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