Daredevil #29

I review my Pick of the Week from this week Comics wise, Daredevil #29 by Mark Waid, published by Marvel Comics.


Daredevil #29

Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Javier Rodriguez | Inks: Alvaro Lopez | Cover: Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez  | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $2.99

The minor demons of Matt Murdock’s past lead to some Daredevil sized present problems.

Along with All New X-Men, Young Avengers, Thor: God of Thunder and Hawkeye, Daredevil is among my Top 5 series at Marvel right now and this issue really just nails why this series has become so awesome in my point of view. Whilst Javier Rodriguez may take over artistic duties from Chris Samnee, the art doesn’t feel too different and there are several strong panels that you’ll find within its pages, carrying on from last issue’s twist ending and proving that Daredevil can be an epic superhero book as well as an epic crime/noir storyline.

Having been following Daredevil since #26, this issue felt like a great change of pace. Rather than taking place in New York, it’s confined to the courtroom – but that’s not to say this issue is all Law-related drama – the Man Without Fear gets to don his suit multiple times throughout this issue including a spectacular sequence where he decides to take the short route down a massive flight of stairs – with no elevator in sight.

The action packed issue moves along at a lightning fast pace – and although the cliff-hanger isn’t as shocking as the last, it certainly does leave me excited for #30, purely because of the teasing of Silver Surfer – a character who I don’t actually know that much about, so it’ll be interesting to see where Waid can take Matt Murdock and the aforementioned character in the next issue – the wait for #30 sure is going to feel like a long one though, like it does each month for Daredevil – particularly with an added week in July.

Mark Waid, with this issue seems to be laying the ground for a bigger story centering around the Serpent Society – which sounds particularly intruding as I haven’t really come across these villains before, and I don’t exactly know whether they’re newcomers or not. However, it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds – and the arc itself seems pretty engaging, with Javier Rodriguez really bringing his A-Game to the title itself – delivering some amazing artwork.

There’s also some pretty impressive humour presented by Waid here – there was a particularly amusing scene where Daredevil and a Medic are in the basement, and Murdock asks “What floor are we on? Ground? Mezzanine?” to which the Medic replies, “The sign says Basement”, and thus Daredevil counters effectively in a way which gained a chuckle from myself “Whoops, must have missed that.” Thus despite the fact that it may only be a small  moment, Waid proves that he can handle humour just as well as anyone here, with some excellent dialogue.

Therefore, due to the combined brilliance of Waid and Rodriguez, #29 gains Pick of the Week for me (unless Guardians of the Galaxy #5 or Collider #1 (which is out of stock at my LCS so I reserved a copy for next week) are excellent), and the long wait for #30 must sadly now begin.




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