Lazarus #2

I review Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus #2, from Image Comics.


Lazarus #2

Story: Greg Rucka | Art: Michael Lark | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $2.99

“FAMILY,” Part Two. The Carlyle Family has been attacked by their enemies to the south, and Forever’s father suspects a conspiracy amongst his children. To root it out, he sends Forever into the arms of the enemy, Family Morray.

Wow. Lazarus continues to be strong with each issue, and its second spends some time developing more of Rucka and Lark’s world, with the Carlyle family at its head. It’s a family filled with dark secrets, which Forever – the main protagonist, is quickly setting herself up to stumble right into the middle of these secrets even if she herself isn’t aware of what they all are yet. In using this approach, Rucka allows us to have a great look into what’s to come, yet keeps us as in the dark as Forever, allowing for a great sense of mystery. As one of the few creator-owned titles that I’m following (I know, I really need to be picking up more than just this and The Wake), Lazarus #2 excels and proves that it’s fast establishing itself as one of the best series on the market, with a mere two issues.

Lark is really bringing the series to life so far with some incredible artwork, and these two together are really making a strong team – it kind of makes me wish that I had read Gotham Central, and that it was one of the titles present in the New 52 with the same creative team. I’d have much rather had Gotham Central as opposed to a title like Red Hood and the Outlaws or Batman: The Dark Knight, for example. The family dynamic presented in Lazarus is bizzare and intruging, presenting a mystery that isn’t quite predictable, with Rucka looking set to hopefully pack this series with lots of interesting twists – I believe he’s mentioned somewhere that they could do at least 50 issues of Lazarus, which is great – as I’d certainly be on board for that.

The bleak, dystopian future is even further explored with Lazarus and what’s great about this title is that it isn’t run by DC or Marvel – it’s a creator owned series, and like The Wake, anything can happen here. It makes the book all the more predictable, where writers aren’t constrained by the fact that they have to follow editorial guidelines closely. Lazarus really benefits because of this, allowing the creators to do as they want allowing for a superb series. The book itself is also great at really hooking the reader in, answering several questions as well as leading more unanswered – therefore  I get the feeling that this book is going to read better as a collected edition though, but that won’t stop me from reading each issue when they come out. I know it was released last Wednesday, but I strongly urge everyone to go and pick it up – as well as the first issue if you haven’t already – this series is pretty awesome, so jump on board it whilst you can.

VERDICT: 4.5/5


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