The Superior Spider-Man #14

I review The Superior Spider-Man #14 from Dan Slott & Humberto Ramos, published by Marvel Comics.


Superior Spiderman #14

• It’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MONTH as the biggest new book of the year brings you its biggest twist yet!

• The Superior Spider-Man takes down Shadowland.

• All of it. To the ground.

Story: Dan Slott | Art: Humberto Ramos | Cover: Humberto Ramos | Price: $3.99 / £3.25

It’s Superior Spider-Month! However, as I’m not picking up any of the new Spidey related titles, I’m just going to be reviewing Superior Spider-Man #14 this week. And wow. If the hints of last issue certainly didn’t tip people off that the person under the mask was not Spider-Man, than this issue certainly does, as Doc Ock appears to be hell bent on taking down Savageland, right to the very ground.

Not being familiar with Savageland I was wondering what this issue would deal with, but needless to say, Slott catered for readers unfamiliar with long term Spidey material, brought in by Marvel Now!, as well as dealing with the old hands who may be somewhat annoyed that their favourite character was replaced but are reading this anyway.

It seems that Spidey Ock has really upped the ante in this issue – if you’ve ever pictured what Spider-Man would be like with a whole army at his disposable, then Superior Spider-Man #14 should answer that question.  Also – for those of you who thought this would be a short run for the character, then think again – Superior Spider-Month really helps establish the fact that Dock Ock is sticking around as Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, and this title further increases the fact that it’s unlikely that Peter is going to come back any time soon. At the earliest, he’ll be back when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits cinemas to bring in a fresh new wave of Spidey readers.

However, this is certainly a thrill-ride and whilst it may not always make the ‘great’ list of comics that I’m looking forward to each week, it’s certainly a strong one, with the art actually proving to be quite interesting this time round. Ramos’ style has really grown on me over the course of these issues, and I’m looking forward to seeing where he can take it from here. It’s certainly a fun comic, that’s for sure – and the covers are always eye-catching.

Due to the price-tag, I’m not following that many double shipping books, especially those that are $3.99/£3.25, with the only other one being Uncanny X-Men from Brian Michael Bendis. Both titles are really entertaining and enjoyable – Superior Spider-Man is certainly a book that Spidey fans, and indeed – Marvel fans should be reading, with or without Peter Parker. #14 helps ensure the reader that this comic can be consistent and engaging  – rarely have we seen a bad issue, as it drags the reader in and refusing to let go. Therefore, this is an issue that comes highly recommended.




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