Supergirl #22

I review the 22nd issue of Supergirl, released today from DC Comics, written by Michael Alan Nelson with art from Diogenes Neves.


Supergirl #22

Story: Michael Alan Nelson | Art:  Diogenes Neves | Price: $2.99 (US) / £2.75 (UK)

Careful what you wish for! Kara may have found a home away from Earth, but it’s at a price that Superboy will have to pay to a major Superman foe!

Supergirl is a fun book, and over the past few issues, has quickly turned Kara Zor-El into a favourite character. I’m enjoying the direction that this series is taking, and whilst it may not be the best series out there at the moment, it’s certainly pretty fun. This issue continues from the events established in #21, and the arrival of Cyborg Superman, who’s getting his own issue in the upcoming Villain’s Month. However, I’m going to start off by saying this – there’s no major appearance of Superboy in this issue. He doesn’t appear at all in fact, and the issue is pretty much Kara centric. As a Supergirl title should be.

The current Superboy series by Justin Jordan is another series that I wish I could be following, but can’t because I missed #20, which would have been a perfect jumping on point due to a creative team change. You have to admit though, those covers look awesome. I would have at least liked to see Superboy appear in this title though, but let’s face it – we’ve seen misleading solicits in the past, and Supergirl #22 is hardly going to throw me off this excellent series. Diogenes Neves is impressive on the art, but I would have liked to have seen a few more issues by Mahmud Asrar as I jumped on board with #20 and really enjoyed his take on Supergirl and the guest appearance of Power Girl.

The issue opens with a confrontation with Cyborg Superman that last issue’s cliffhanger teased. I don’t know much about the character himself, whether he’s a New 52 original character or not – but it seems that Kara knows as little about the character as I do, allowing for a clean and easy read that isn’t bogged down by trying to understand events that I’ve missed out on in past titles. I know it seems odd, but the issue itself as a whole reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, in the way that Coraline is tricked into journeying into world where she can have everything she wants, but everything isn’t as it would first appear.

As a side observation, it’s also interesting to note that Kara spends the entire issue not on Earth, unlike the previous issues. It’s interesting to see Supergirl deal with this – and it makes a change as most of the Superman family books that I’ve read have been set pretty much entirely on Earth. This allows for an interesting change – even if it doesn’t look like Kara will stay on that particular planet for long given the cliffhanger – something that seems to be common in a lot of comics that I’ve been reading lately, but regardless, Supergirl #22 was a solid issue and I’m really glad that I jumped on this title with a new creative team when I could. Bring on #23!



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