Batman and Catwoman #22

I review Batman and Catwoman #22, the latest in the Batman and… series from DC Comics, written by Peter J. Tomasi.


Batman and Catwoman #22

Story: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, J. Calafiore | Cover: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray | Price: $2.99 (USA) / £2.75 (UK)

Bruce Wayne continues to grind through his grief over the death of Damian—but is Catwoman here to help Batman or take advantage of his vulnerable state?

And the Batman and… series continues, and this time – we get Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, in the spotlight. Following on from the death of Damian Wayne in Batman Incorporated, Batman and Catwoman sees the stages of Bruce’s grief continue. It’s refreshing seeing him team up with a different character each month (last was Batgirl, then it was Red Hood), but I sense this formula will start to get a bit boring after a while, even if Tomasi is doing his best to make sure that the stories themselves look and feel different.

The relationship itself between Catwoman and Batman feels forced, even if as a standalone story it reads pretty strong. A set-up for a next month’s Batman and Nightwing #23 really isn’t present, and I wonder how Tomasi will end Bruce’s cycle of grief, and – something that’s equally interesting, will Carrie Kelly learn the truth about what happened to Damian? Something’s got to give at some time – and whilst we don’t find out here, you can’t really keep him hidden for long, so it’ll be interesting to see how Tomasi can handle the character and her connection with Bruce Wayne.

The art from Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray has been consistent throughout this series, and in #22, it’s no different. That cover focusing on Batman and Catwoman on top of the Bat Signal is pretty awesome, and I love the added touch of both Cats and Bats. The Covers for this series are some of the high points for me, with #20 being my favourite of the lot. The combination of Red Hood and Batman is awesome, and added to this – the Batman and Nightwing cover actually looks pretty interesting.

I liked how Batman and Catwoman briefly touched on Catwoman’s relationship with the Justice League of America in this issue, even if I think that Batman would have probably found out about her involvement sooner, and that the fact that he was as in the dark of the creation of the Justice League of America until the recent press conference may slightly suggest that Tomasi is underplaying the intelligence of the World’s Greatest Detective, who would out of all of the main Justice Leaguers, would have found out about this sooner – particularly when he found out about the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman very quickly indeed.

The action is pretty awesome, and this is a fairly solid comic despite any issues that I’ve had with it. Tomasi has managed to keep my interest in the series, and I’m looking forward for next month’s issue with anticipation, even if this series may be the weaker of the three Batman-centric titles that I’m following (Detective Comics & Batman being the other two.)

VERDICT: 3.5/5


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