Arrow Casting News!

CBR have recently announced that Arrow‘s Second Season has found a new recurring villain. And it’s… River Tam? (Well, not quite :P).

Arrow Casting 1

Here’s the full link to the CBR article, who claim from TV Line, that Summer Glau has been cast as Isabel Rochev, Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, which is a company that wishes to take over Queen Consolidated. To make things more interesting, her name was also glimpsed on Ollie’s list, and Arrow fans will all know what happens to people who find themselves on that list. Having  watched Firefly this year, I can safely say that I’m eagerly awaiting to see what Summer Glau can bring to Arrow, and what new and interesting directions the show will take for its Second Season after that mega-awesome finale. However, Glau has a habit of being cast in TV series that are cancelled soon after, (Firefly, Alphas etc), so hopefully Arrow will not suffer that fate, particularly as Season 1 has been really promising.


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