My Favourite Male Characters in SFF/Comics

Continuing on from my Favourite SFF/Comic Female Characters, I present a list of my favourite SFF/Comic Male Characters.

You can check out the previous list here, but for now – here is the list of My Favourite SFF/Comic Male Characters. If you haven’t read that first, I strongly suggest that you go ahead and do before returning to this.


Malcolm Reynolds

WHY? As mentioned in my last post, Firefly is my favourite TV show of all time, and Nathan Fillion is superb here. Malcolm Reynolds, like the four stars that I talked about last time, could have so easily been a boring, dull stereotype, if it wasn’t for the great design by Joss Whedon, and the incredible characterisation by Fillion. He’s an awesome lead role for the series, and is probably one of my favourite TV characters of all time. He’s a great, charismatic, awesome – and badass, with several great one liners.



WHY? Because he’s the Goddamn Batman, that’s why. No seriously. Batman is my all time favourite comic character, and without him, we wouldn’t have the next two characters on my list. Whilst he’s far from the only billionaire on my list who spends money and nights (or days) crime fighting, he’s one of my favourite male leads across a variety of  settings, either comics, or on the film, with Christopher Nolan’s superb Dark Knight Trilogy. The New 52 run by current Batman writer Scott Snyder is epic – as is his Rogue Gallery, which easily contains the most memorable villains in the whole of the comics medium. There’s  Joker, Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Court of Owls (A recent addition), and many more – in fact, I could go on forever if I wanted to. In Batman, it’s much about the lead character as it is about the villains – and the stories themselves are mostly, wonderfully told. His character is one of the most well-known in Comics alongside Spiderman, Superman & Wonder Woman, produced several classics like Year One, The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke. 


Calvin Rose

Why? In my opinion, Talon is the second-most underrated series at DC Comics. It’s absolutely incredible. James Tynion IV knocks it out of the park with each issue, and I really, really hope that it is never cancelled. Calvin Rose is one of the more unique characters on this list, an escape artist recruited into the Court of Owls, he saw his chance to escape their claws with their defeat by the Batman in Scott Snyder’s current Batman series, and as a result, he’s grown to become one of the more interesting Bat-characters. I love the way that he’s thrown into several different situations, and does not come across as a character that will become the male equivalent of a Mary-Sue. He’s flawed, has a rocky relationship with the Dark Knight, and isn’t on the best of terms with his mentor either. Given the recent crossover with Birds of Prey, things look very interesting indeed – I cannot wait to see where James Tynion IV takes the character, particularly with #9 coming out next week.


Nightwing 2

Why? The third and final Bat-related character on this list, Dick Grayson is awesome. He’s hands down, my favourite Robin – closely followed by Tim Drake, but he really, really knocks it out of the park as Nightwing. I mean, not only are his batons are awesome (and have inspired a weapon choice for my main protagonist in a current WIP novel), he’s an incredibly awesome guy, capable of remaining independent of Batman, particularly after the events in Death of the Family, and starting to create a great new story for himself in Kyle Higgins’ current Nightwing series. He’s equally superb in Injustice: Gods Among Us as well, and is my favourite character to play as, and his fate in the campaign is interesting, to say the least.


Harry Dresden

WHY? And the award for the runner-up of King of Snark of the year goes to, Harry Dresden. Easily the most popular Urban Fantasy character/series (unless you count Harry Potter as Urban Fantasy), Harry Dresden is everyone’s favourite Wizarding P.I. He’s got the longest run of novels out of the lot, and really kicks ass in each and every novel. Whilst I’m not fully caught up with the series, having only read up to Small Favour, it’s a very enjoyable book and Harry easily carries the series due to his first person narrative, confident voice – and, did I mention the snark? He’s one of the most likeable guys on the list – and a great lead character.


Iron Man

WHY? I’m talking about Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Iron Man – I’m really not a fan of Iron Man in the comics, and after the events of Civil War, he still hasn’t been redeemed in my opinion. But Robert Downey Jr. Steps up and knocks it out of the park with his Tony Stark – he’s become so popular that he’s transformed a lower-listing hero into one of the most famous Marvel characters, and even so memorable that Joss Whedon mentioned that he wouldn’t do Avengers 2 if RDJ wasn’t on board. I can’t imagine anybody else as Iron Man – he’s literally that Iconic, and guarenteed to draw laughs in pretty much every scene.


Ninth Doctor

WHY? Specifically, The Ninth Doctor (or not quite The Ninth, given the ending from The Name of the Doctor). He’s my favourite out of the entire lot, and it’s such a shame that Christopher Eccleston only stuck around for one season.  Arguably, The most badass of the New-Who! Doctors – he’s had several fantastic episodes – Dalek, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways… I could go on, but my point is, Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor that got me into the series and has several great, amusing moments despite the fact that people insist on stating that he was too ‘angry’ to play the Doctor – I mean, you’d be angry if you just destroyed your entire race, wouldn’t you? And that doesn’t stop him from having several humorous moments throughout the show. I’d just have loved him to stay – imagine a Nine-Master story, or a Nine-Weeping Angels. Can you imagine the awesomeness in that?



WHY? If Doctor Who was my favourite ongoing TV series before It started to go downhill in S7, (but was eventually redeemed with the ending), Supernatural is its replacement. Seriously, I love this show, and for me – the main thing that prevents it from being a stereotypical horror fest is the wonderful chemistry between the two lead actors, Jensen Ackles and Jarad Padalecki. They knock their roles as Sam & Dean out of the park, with some great banter between the two. Whilst I’ve only seen Season 1 and the first four episodes of Season 2, they’re still incredibly awesome characters and worthy of any place on this list. Brave, loyal – likeable, rootable – I can’t wait to catch up on the full series to see where this goes. And, if you’re wondering why I decided to lump them together as one, well – it only makes sense, doesn’t it? You can’t have Sam without Dean, or vice versa.


Tyrion Lannister

WHY? Tyrion kicks ass. My favourite character of A Song of Ice and Fire, not only does he have some of the best lines in the series, he’s also wonderfully brought to life by the incredible Peter Dinklage, who was born to play Tyrion. Not convinced yet? All you need to do, is watch The Best of Tyrion Lannister from Season 1, here.


Han Solo

WHY? I mentioned that Princess Leia was one of my favourite female characters, and the male nominee from the Star Wars Universe goes to Han Solo. Why? He’s easily the best character in the Star Wars Universe, a reputation untarnished by the prequels, and at his best during the Empire Strikes Back, one of my favourite films. Badass, awesome, a rogue cannon – I could go on forever about Han, but I’m going to leave it here to shorten the space. All you need to know is that he’s awesome, and He Shot First.


Ezio Auditore

WHY? Not counting Calvin Rose, who’s technically an ex-Assassin, Ezio Auditore takes up Spot One of the Assassins on this list, and is probably  one of the most badass of the characters here. Charming, likeable, no Assassin for me will ever replace him (although the jury’s still out on Edward Kenway), and he carries the main bulk of the series and is easily the most recognisable of the three that we’ve had so far. Ezio is capable of pulling of stunts that would make the rest of the characters on both lists that I’ve made back out and adopt another route (such as climbing the wreckage of the Coliseum, breaking into the Vatican to confront the Pope in a fistfight), he’s easily  the most likeable of video game protagonists that I’ve encountered, and whilst he wasn’t as brilliant in Revelations, he still impressed a lot in II and Brotherhood. And, he’s great to have at your back when you’re fighting Renaissance-Era soldiers.


Kylar Stern

WHY? Assassin Number Two, Kylar Stern (or Azoth, if you prefer), like Vin on the other post, possibly has the greatest ‘growth’ in character even if they are both somewhat similar. From young street rat to being trained under the legendary Durzo Blint, Kylar Stern is the most memorable assassin for me in epic fantasy right now (Assassin’s Creed is technically a blend of historical fiction/sci-fi/conspiracy thriller), and really has some great moments in the series, even if he may not have the charm or be as likeable/memorable as Ezio. However, you wouldn’t count out Kylar Stern in a fight, he’s an engimatic anti-hero with a great storyline. Certainly – if you haven’t read The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks yet, then you’re missing out. Kylar is awesome.


Green Arrow

WHY? Green Arrow is probably the most recent addition to this list aside from Sam & Dean Winchester and maybe Nightwing, and that’s because not only is he awesome in Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, but his Green Arrow series, starting with #17 from the incredible Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino, is one of the most awesome series out there and easily the most underrated of DC’s New 52. Green Arrow is a modern day Robin Hood, arguably picked only because Robin Hood isn’t  technically a SFF/Comics character (why Richard Sharpe & Sherlock Holmes also missed out on those slots), but is nonetheless awesome and has really grown on me as a character. I mean, just look at that awesome artwork. Seriously, if you’re not reading Green Arrow, or watching Arrow, you should be. I really can’t wait to see where the series goes in the future, both in the book & film.


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