Man of Steel – Film Review

I write a review of Man of Steel, the latest superhero film from DC Comics.


Man of Steel Poster 2

I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve never been a big Superman fan. Until Superman Unchained’s debut last Wednesday, the only Superman comics that I tried from the New 52 Reboot were the first issue of Superman, the first three of Action Comics, Supergirl #20 (which I liked), Superboy Vol. 1 (which I didn’t like), and Action Comics #19 for the Andy Diggle issue, which was awesome. However, the awesome trailers made Man of Steel probably the film that I was most looking forward to this year for me, and I seriously hoped that it would deliver. And, did it deliver?

Yes. A million times over. Zack Snyder stepped up, and knocked it out of the park. Having not seen any Superman films before I can’t judge it based on them, but Man of Steel was awesome. Everything about it superb. The casting, spot on. Russell Crowe impresses as Jor-El in almost every scene, Henry Cavill was born to play Superman, and Amy Adams gets a great role as Lois Lane, whose character I didn’t initially care for before the film, but now, I think that Lois had easily some of the best moments here. Everybody in their respective roles acted really well, and the plot itself, whilst it does not particularly break any new ground originality wise – it doesn’t seem to matter. After all, Avengers Transformers 3 both shared similar plots, and people still seemed to enjoy Avengers a lot more than Transfomers 3. I loved Avengers and am yet to see Transformers 3, but Man of Steel – for me, is better than any Marvel film that I’ve seen. Whilst it may not be as amusing as Avengers, the film itself doesn’t need to be. After all, The Dark Knight didn’t have any laughs and it was still a success. So why can’t Man of Steel?

I’ve already talked about the plot briefly, but here’s a slightly more, spoiler-free in depth summary. Krypton is destroyed in a jaw-dropping opening sequence that sees Jor-El and Kara, send their son Kal-El into space whilst attempting to repel an attack by General Zod, who has attempted a coup of the Kryptonian Democratic Government just before its inevitable demise. The entire sequence has amazing visuals, and Hans Zimmer is absolutely superb with his music here. It hits all the right levels and delivers a great beginning for an equally stunning film that follows.

If you’ve seen the trailers like I have, then you’ll no doubt be aware that Man of Steel deals with young Clark’s life as well as his current life as Superman, and rather than show it in a chronological order, we are given flashbacks to Clark’s time on the Kent farm, and I loved the way it was all interwined. David S. Goyer writes an incredible script and there wasn’t really any lines that came across as cheesy or out of place, even General Zod’s “I will find him!” shout, which didn’t quite work for me in the trailer. Several sequences are really top notch, and they all add up to a great experience.

Even though I haven’t seen any Superman films, I know enough about them to know that the flaws in some of them are mainly because an involvement of Lex Luthor, or Kryptonite. Well, let me tell you – there’s nothing of Lex or Kryptonite in Man of Steel here, and Superman gets throw his weight around in several action packed sequences, culminating in a grand spectacle of a fight between General Zod and Kal-El.

The film also has a hard task of making the Man of Steel a character that we can relate to. It doesn’t paint him as the traditional, cheesy Boy-Scout character,and it manages to succeed in that matter. He’s clearly an outsider, struggling to fit in – and it’s very interesting in the flashback scenes allowed by the non-linear narrative to watch him overcome his lack of connection. There’s a nice nod to Lana Lang as well, a character who I’m not that familiar with – but I know enough about.  Other characters are really strong as well, and the only minor, minor complaint is that Zod feels too like a generic big-bad, and although that we know that Superman will eventually overcome his enemies, because well – he’s Superman, but he does present a greater threat than Loki ever did in Avengers, actually coming closer to world destruction.

So, with that said, I can say that Man of Steel was a very enjoyable film, and therefore – possibly my favourite superhero flick since The Dark Knight. Loved every second of it. If you like superhero films at all, you should go and see this film. It runs circles around Iron Man 3 (which I enjoyed a lot), and now holds my position for best film of 2013 so far. So, with all that said, when can I see it again?



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