The Amazing Spider-Man – Film Review

I write a review of The Amazing Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man DVD

Okay, after about a year, and a few months of having the DVD on my shelf, I’ve finally gotten around to watching The Amazing Spider-Man. And I can say that I just wished that I’d got around to watching it sooner, because – wow. I really enjoyed it. The Amazing Spider-Man was released inbetween The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises last year and was essentially, the dark horse of the the three films, especially when you consider the fact that it was basically a reboot of Spider-Man and didn’t really bring anything new to the table aside from the Lizard, the lack of the Osbournes and the replacement of Mary-Jane with Gwen Stacy, played by the fantastic Emma Stone.

Everybody who’s even remotely interested in superhero films will know the origin behind Spider-Man. He gets bitten by a spider that gives him its abilities, and at first – after using them to make fun of the bullies, is eventually taught a life lesson when he doesn’t stop a thief and ends up causing the death of Uncle Ben. From there, he starts to become a force for good – and Spider-Man is born, with an interesting plot and a compelling lead character, what could possibly go wrong?

There were of course, danger signs. That The Amazing Spider-Man would fall into the trap of being too heavily influenced by Twilight and end up with a heavy focus on a love triangle. However, that was not the case, as whilst the Peter/Gwen romance does play a key role in the film, it soon becomes apparent that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have some fantastic chemistry together, and even given some questionable decisions by Peter – when he should be a lot more severely injured from the scratches by The Lizard in a fight, goes to Gwen and seemingly gets treated by her as opposed to going to a hospital. There’s also other minor nitpicks such as phone reception in the sewers, seemingly everyone that Peter meets in this movie is connected somehow – for example, Gwen is working for Curt Connors, who knows Peter Parker’s parents & also is the daughter of the Police Captain Stacy.

I know that The Amazing Spider-Man is owned by a different company to Marvel (Sony), but don’t you think that somebody at some point in the film would have brought up the Avengers as well? Particularly as this film was released after Avengers Assemble, so therefore in the Marvel chronological universe, Manhattan would be recovering from an alien invasion. Just a minor nitpick, but I would have loved to see some sort of connection going on there. Just something minor, like in Man of Steel, where I remember reading somewhere that Zack Snyder revealed that the only thing that connected Man of Steel to the wider DC Universe is a Wayne Enterprises Satellite. So, The inclusion of Stark Tower maybe.

However, that didn’t lower my enjoyment of the film at all, in fact – I loved it. The Amazing Spider-Man benefits from some great action scenes, great chemistry between the characters and Coldplay aside, a fairly strong soundtrack (although nothing as memorable as either score from Avengers Assemble or The Dark Knight). The film itself however is a rare superhero film that is, to put in the words of Empire Magazine, “better at examining  relationships than superheroism.”  And still manages to deliver a very fun and enjoyable story that in my opinion, easily beats the original Raimi films. Count me in for the sequel for sure.



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