Arrow Season 1 Episode 23: Sacrifice – TV Review

I review the finale to Arrow‘s first season, the fantastic Sacrifce, with full episode spoilers.

Arrow S1x23 “Sacrifice”

Arrow S1x23

Wow. Oh my god. I literally did not see that ending coming, and judging from the reception to this episode, neither did everybody else. I mean, I sensed that something big would have to happen to Tommy this episode, but like most, I thought that he’d go down the route of evil and join with his father. However, the end result turned out quite differently, leaving a very interesting cliffhanger ending that made me sad that we won’t see the fallout from this until next Season.

The acting was incredibly strong here, and the cast deliver their best performances so far. Even Detective Lance becomes a stronger character than before with a great storyline, and the last few minuites are superb. The plot itself focuses around the attempt made by the Arrow gang to stop the Undertaking from Malcolm, and in a very Watchmen esque way, they do manage to kill John Barrowman’s character, but not before he destroys the glades. I loved the theme of sacrifice running throughout this episode, and an title has never been more appropiate. Tommy’s death has been pulled off exceptionally well, and he’s such an important character to the show despite the fact that he may not be a superhero or villain. He’s Ollie’s best friend, and affects pretty much all of the major characters in the show.

It was a big episode for the Queens as well. Moira finally stands out against Malcolm and reveals the conspiracy to level the Glades in a very well created scene inspired by Ollie’s conversation. It’ll be very interesting to see the aftermath of this in Season 2 and what happens to Thea, Ollie, Moira and Walter. There are tons of interesting prospects here, with great potential for the Arrow writers to take the season further and develop it in newer ways.

The plot is pretty spectacular. Although we start off with a Bond-style interrogation scene where Malcolm makes the stupid decision to leave inadequate henchmen guarding Ollie, it allows for an interesting escape scene culminating in Diggle’s aid and then not long after, Felicity is in trouble when she’s picked up for questioning about hacking in Darkness on the Edge of Town by Detective Lance. The interrogation scene, will of course be overshadowed by the finale and the events building up to it, including the awesome showdown between Malcolm, Diggle & Ollie on the rooftop, it’s still a strong part to play in an otherwise mostly-consistent episode.

I still have a few gripes about the flashback sequences, which are usually superb – but felt a little unrealistic this week. I mean, for one – how did nobody in the plane not notice the missile, nor did they/anyone else spot the resultant explosion when it landed? It’s a wonder, with stuff like that happening, how it took Ollie five years to be found.

But that’s probably my only big issue with Arrow‘s finale. Otherwise, it’s been a spectacular episode and I’ve loved pretty much every second of it. Hopefully, we get an increase in good quality of the episodes in Season 2, and ideally an improvement in the villains of the week, for Ollie’s rogue gallery hasn’t been too memorable so far apart from Deathstroke, Fyers and Malcolm/The Dark Archer, and all three of them are seemingly dead, and the Huntress and the Count come in close behind, even if they haven’t been as good quality wise as the big three.

So, that’s a wrap. Bring on Season 2, which I am super excited for and am really glad that it’s been commissioned.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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