Arrow Season 1 Episode 20: Home Invasion – TV Review

I review the 20th episode of Arrow’s first season, Home Invasion, with full episode spoilers to follow.

Arrow S1x20 “Home Invasion”

Home Invasion

So, it appears, that after the two week break, we’re back with the last three episodes of Arrow still to throw at us and Home Invasion continues to show that the series can still produce some good, strong adventures for Ollie and co despite the fact that this episode comes off slightly weaker than the others. I went into this week’s (or last week’s for US folks – but this week’s if you’re in the UK) episode expecting something along the lines of a group of mercenaries attacking the Queen household and Ollie having to fight them off as Arrow whilst at the same time shield his identity. I got something along those lines, but the Diggle and Roy subplots allowed for a whole new interesting element of the show, particularly as it looks like they’re setting up Roy to replace Diggle.

That’s probably my first major issue. I know it hasn’t happened yet and might not, but Diggle is one of my favourite characters in the show. I’m not a big fan of Roy and Thea, although the former is starting to grow on me as a character. I’d rather see Diggle, Roy, Felicity and Ollie all working together, ideally with Slade as well, for Manu Bennett has been confirmed as a series regular for Series 2 and I’m hoping that it’ll be in the present rather than in flashbacks. (Or both). But we’ll see how things pan out. Now onto the proper flaws that this episode had, firstly starting with the Deadshot/Diggle sideplot. In the showdown between the A.R.G.U.S agents, Diggle and Deadshot where Arrow doesn’t show, we see Deadshot dispatch a large amount of agents permanently  And then he doesn’t kill Diggle when he easily could because of the fact that Diggle isn’t the man who he was hired to kill?

I know I probably sound hypocritical, saying that I don’t want Diggle dead, and then complaining about the fact that he’s not dead, but I just think that the writers, Ben Sokolowski and Beth Schwartz, could have handed that situation a little better. The whole concept of Laurel getting attacked in her home again also felt a bit weak, because we’d certainly seen this play out before. I’d like to see her actually make a move to become the Black Canary, another vigilante from the comics, but it doesn’t seem that its likely to happen in this series.

The storyline however still manages to be entertaining and captivating. The subplots aren’t as annoying and the flashback sequences are very awesome as well, particularly with the cliffhanger that has got things really kicking into overdrive for the adventures on the Island, made even more interesting when it has been revealed that Episode 21 will feature a pre-Island flashback. The plot wasn’t as straightforward as I initially expected but it was still entertaining to witness Ollie fight the bad guy not as Arrow and in his own home.

The episode handles the dual threat of Deadshot and Mr. Blank, played by J. August Richards, and as far as I’m aware, is another rare introduction of an original villain into Arrow’s storyline, and it works very well here and I hope Richards features on the show again, despite the fact that he wasn’t fleshed out like most of the villains on this show. Another supporting cast member that impresses here is Tommy, who isn’t yet taking the journey that I thought he would be, but we’ll see how that goes especially with the fact that we’ve still got three episodes left.


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