Supernatural Season 1: Episodes 5-10 – TV Review

I write a review for episodes 5-10 of the first season of Supernatural. This review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 1: Episodes 5-10

Supernatural Season

Wow. What a show. Over the course of these five episodes, Supernatural has got me firmly hooked on this show so much that I’ve ended up watching three episodes of the series in one day, which has never happened to me before, the closest I’ve come being two episodes in a row of Arrow when I was trying to catch up. The Monster-of-the-Week format is quickly coming across over the course of this series, and in the last two episodes we get a hint as to where we may be going in future installments particularly with the return of John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean.

Whilst the episode titles might not be the most creative ever, with titles like Skin and Bugs being thrown in, this series is starting to remind me of the RTD era of Doctor Who in the way that it’s a similar format, only with longer episodes per season – 21 instead of 13. If only Doctor Who could have that many episodes per season then I wouldn’t mind the mid-season split that is starting to feature in the Moffat era, but regardless – this is a review about Supernatural, and what a damn good show it is. We’ve been introduced to Sam and Dean, who seem to be so far the few returning roles for this show, although I really hope that Missouri returns in future episodes – her character that we met in Home was awesome and I really enjoyed her putting Dean in his place.

The episodes themselves aren’t perfect, but regardless – they’re damn entertaining. However, they don’t seem to be as scary as earlier episodes in the series with the exception of Asylum, S1x10 and possibly Bloody Mary, S1x05, which is good for me as I’m generally not a big fan of horror, but still. Some nice urban legends are explored here over the course of these five episodes ranging from the Bloody Mary spirit to shapeshifters and beyond, and I love how Supernatural has so far managed to avoid the A-List monsters of vampires and werewolves so far. Sure, we’ve had ghosts and demons, but still – there’s a lot more uniqueness in Supernatural when it comes down to monsters.

There are however, some flaws throughout these episodes. When at the end of Skin, the boys stop a shapeshifter who has been using Dean’s body to impersonate people and go on a killing spree, is shot dead still in Dean’s form, you’d think in the future episodes when they encounter Law enforcement they’d be questioned about it. But no, it escapes their attention – maybe because the episodes might have been shot out of order. Also, another flaw – in Bugs, there isn’t some very good editing going on because like The Dark Knight Rises, it goes from light to darkness all too quickly, and then, in Bugs – when the boys are protecting a family from a swarm of insects in the house, it also doesn’t take too long to go away. But then, in that episode in particular, it was essential for their survival, and also two particular episodes, Skin and Aslyum, rely on Sam and Dean split up in order to find their killer. In the first case, it’s almost blatantly obvious that when you’re hunting a shapeshifter you should never split up, and the same sort of thing can be applied to Asylum only that it’s a ghost instead, because one of them will be possessed when they return, and the other will have to try and stop them.

Asylum is perhaps the creepiest episode since the pilot. Even though I knew the ending because of an review (I need to stop looking at those before I watch the episode), it’s still an awesome twist with a great storyline and this and Home in particular have to be the standout episodes of these five. The Hook Man, Bugs and Bloody Mary all have flaws and don’t stand out as well as the others, with Bloody Mary being let down by its unsympathetic and unmemorable supporting cast who I was really struggling to like by the end of the episode and I just couldn’t care for them. The Hook Man, whilst entertaining, didn’t lack the powerful punch that episodes like Home and Asylum did. The villain was creepy though, even if throughout not just this episode but also the series, there are a lot of horror movie cliches employed.

However, it’s the charisma of Sam and Dean that make this show really special. They’re strong lead characters and they have to be, as so far – they’re the only ones having featured in every episode. They’re great, rotatable characters to experience the journey with and I’m very much looking forward to see where the writers take their characters with the series ahead. I feel somewhat annoyed with myself for jumping onto the bandwagon so far behind, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up when I can. This series is awesome, and I can recommend it to pretty much anyone, particularly fans of horror and urban fantasy – although get past the special effects that aren’t that brilliant at the start.

And also, might I just add that after ten episodes, it’s already replaced Doctor Who on my Top 5 list of shows? It’s now FireflyThe Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Sherlock, with Doctor Who coming in close behind.


Individual Episode Rating:

  • Bloody Mary (3/5)
  • Skin (4/5)
  • The Hook Man (3/5)
  • Bugs (3/5)
  • Home (4.5/5)
  • Asylum (4.5/5)

SUPERNATURAL SEASON 1 EPISODE GUIDE: S1x01: PilotS1x02: WendigoS1x03: Dead in the WaterS1x04: The Phantom TravellerS1x05: Bloody Mary, S1x06: Skin, S1x07: Hook Man, S1x08: Bugs, S1x09: Home, S1x10: Asylum, S1x11: Scarecrow, S1x12: Faith, S1x13: Route 666, S1x14: Nightmare, S1x14: Nightmare, S1x15: The Benders, S1x16: Shadow, S1x17: Hell House, S1x18: Something Wicked, S1x19: Provenance, S1x20: Dead Man’s Blood, S1x21: Salvation, S1x22: Devil’s Trap

4 comments on “Supernatural Season 1: Episodes 5-10 – TV Review

  1. Haha I got hooked on SPN pretty faast too 😀 Wait till you get to Season 4, that’s where the real addiction starts!

    • I’ve heard good things about Season 4, so yeah – I’m really looking forward to getting around to that. Got to get through Season 2 & 3 first though, and you’re right – this is a really addictive series.

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