Comic Book Haul – Wednesday 10 April 2013

Welcome to the Comic Book Haul Post. Here’s a quick roundup of the comics I brought today. Also, as a quick note before we begin From now on, this post is going to be moved to Fridays rather than Wednesdays.

So, this is a pretty good day to be a comics fan, with several new titles hitting the shelves including Batman, and more – you can see my pick of 20 comics to look out for here. Now, due to budget and the fact that I was way behind all of them – I obviously couldn’t get all of them, and the ones that I ended up getting were: Age of Ultron #5, Batman #19, Batman and Red Robin #19, Uncanny Avengers #6 and Uncanny X-Men #4. No pic this week as the only one I managed to take was upside down on My Kindle Fire.

Age of Ultron #5

Age of Ultron #5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Bryan Hitch | Publisher: Marvel Comics

• The super hero survivors of the Ultron devastation follow a trail to the Savage Land in the hopes of finding a way to survive or turn the tide of the Ultron apocalypse. • But with half the Marvel heroes dead, what chance do any of the survivors have? • The choice that will forever change the course of Marvel history…!

Batman #19 

Batman #19

Writer: Scott Snyder | Backup Writer: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV | Art: Greg Capullo | Backup Art: Alex Maleev | Cover Art: Greg Capullo | Publisher: DC Comics

Who would cause Bruce Wayne to use a gun?

Batman and Red Robin #19

Batman and Red Robin #19

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray | Publisher: DC Comics

On the darkest of nights, who is the one person Batman meets that could change his life forever?

Uncanny Avengers #6

Uncanny Avengers #6

Writer: Rick Remeder | Art: Daniel Acuna | Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Apocalypse Twins part 1.  New regular artist Daniel Acuna? a joins just in time for Thor vs Apocalypse in the 11th Century! Wait until you see these two titans first meeting and first battle! The Avengers’ ancestors are being hunted and only a young Thor can save his future companions! And with Rama Tut and Kang pulling the strings, you know nothing good can come from any of it.The future begins in the past! This is it! The future of the all-new, all-different Uncanny Avengers begins here and the effects will reverberate across the Marvel Universe for years to come!

Uncanny X-Men #4

Uncanny X-Men #4

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Art: Chris Bachalo | Publisher: Marvel Comics

How is Magik the only one of the Phoenix Five to come out of the experience unscathed? • And there is something strange going on with one of the other members of the UNCANNY X-MEN.

I was going to pick up Hawkeye #8, Wolverine #2 and Thor: God of Thunder #7 as well, but the Comic Book Store didn’t have them in stock so I ended up going with Age of Ultron #5 instead, giving this series one more chance to impress me. I reserved the following for next week, on the Friday: Hawkeye #8, Thor: God of Thunder #7, Justice League #19, Superior Spiderman #8 and Batwoman #19 for next week, on the Friday as I won’t be able to make it on the Wednesday.

So, that said – what comics did you get this week?


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