Firefly Second Season Confirmed!

In a groundbreaking reveal, it has been confirmed that Firefly will be getting a second Season – only rather than being directed by Joss Whedon, it will be directed by George Lucas.


It was confirmed the other day that because he is too busy to lead the Firefly second series due to his work with Marvel, Joss Whedon has handed over leadership duties to George Lucas. He will take the second season on a twenty-two episode run with such titles as “The Hunt for the Midi-Chlorians,” – featuring the Firefly crew reinforced with two new, all-CGI characters on the hunt for a Jedi with the highest Midi-Cholrian count in the Universe, and the two-part mid-season finale “The Return of Jar Jar Binks” – which features two two-hour episodes dedicated to the Gungan from The Phantom Menace – Jar Jar Binks, picking his nose on all the planets in the Firefly Universe.

George Lucas seemingly doesn’t care that Firefly is in fact set in a different universe, and Whedon seems to share his thoughts. “I mean,” Whedon claims in an interview, “The Star Wars prequel films are my favourite of the entire franchise. When George offered me the chance to integrate them into the Firefly Universe, particularly with my favourite character – Jar Jar Binks included in the deal as well, I leapt at the chance.”

“Of course, this means that certain actors will have to be replaced due to availability issues as well,” claims Lucas. “As Nathan Fillion is busy with Castle, we will have to replace his role as Malcolm Reynolds with Hayden Christensen. And as Adam Baldwin is unavailable for Jayne, we will have to replace him with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.”

Lucas has also confirmed that an entire episode will be spend dealing with the inner workings of the politics of the Alliance, with a complete lack of any action whatsoever. He has also appointed himself as chief-dialogue writer and the entire series will consist of special effects.

Whilst no release date has been officially confirmed, rumours suggest that You can expect the first episode of Series 2 to air Next Year, on February 31 2014 in 3D, on Cartoon Network in the USA and CBeebies in the UK.


One comment on “Firefly Second Season Confirmed!

  1. Oh, you had me fooled! I had my hopes up, and it was dashed. I went through the five stages of grief.

    Denial: “Wait… Bane wouldn’t… That’s too cruel…”

    Anger: “NOOOOO!”

    Bargaining: “I’ll do anything to make there be a season 2…

    Depression: “No season 2 of Firefly…”

    Wait. I only went through the four stages. xD

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