What is Batman – Zero Year?

Interested in more details about Snyder’s take on the upcoming Zero Year for his Batman run and haven’t seen it already? View the whole post to find out.


Following the wake of Damian Wayne’s death in Batman Incorporated, Bruce Wayne is in a dark place. Having read Batman #18 yesterday, I know that it’s going to be a long time before we see Bruce agree to take on any new Robins following the death of his own son, and as much as I want to see Harper Row become the Caped Crusader’s new Robin, with the wake of this massive tragedy, I just don’t think that’ll happen this early on. And now, we learn, that starting in #21, a “Zero Year” will begin for Batman, telling the origins of the Dark Knight immediately following the devastating aforementioned event.

I’ve spotted three interviews that can be found over at IGN CBR and Comic Vine, which bring up several key points, which I have highlighted some of them below:

  • Zero Year is not going to be a redux of Year One.
  • Snyder claims that  “Nobody loves Year One more than me”, and that he’s going to be using the book as a foundation for what is to come.
  • Characters will have different origin tales, and as mentioned in the IGN interview, Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon, and the Falcone Family will all have different origin tales.
  • We could see a pre-Two Face Harvey Dent and/or a Joker before he cut his face off.

Batman #0 Red Hood

  • “Everything is new; you’ve never seen anything that’s in this book.”
  • Zero Year “might be a new villain, you might see one of the rogues in it.
  • Snyder is trying to keep as much under-wraps as possible. Hence all the coulds and mights above.
  • This is not going to be a crossover event like Death of the Family or the Night of Owls.
  • Snyder has had the idea for “”Zero Year” in my head for quite a while. It’s been over a year.”

Batman #0 Batbike

  • Quoted from Snyder: “How did he [Bruce] build the cave? What are the adventures that he had that we didn’t see?”
  • Snyder always thought #0 of Batman  as a preview issue.
  • Batman #21 won’t pick up immediately where the cliffhanger left off.
  • Snyder admits he “Can’t make a better Year One than Year One”.
  • Zero Year, like The Black Mirror, will take place over eleven issues.
  • Snyder will not keep Bruce Wayne out of costume for the eleven issues.

Batman #0

So there we go. That’s some of the key bits pulled from the two aforementioned interviews and this is an event that I will be very much looking forward to – even if it means we may have to wait longer for the Riddler story and to see if Batman gains a new Robin or not. This is certainly a very interesting move from DC Comics – but what do you think of the planned Zero Year? Are you for another origin story, or are you against it?


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