Christian Bale To Return as Batman in the Justice League?

There are Rumours Afoot, and apparently, Christian Bale is in talks to confirm his role as Batman in the upcoming Justice League film.

The following news source is available on IGN, but I’d just thought that I’d share it here just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Christian Bale is in talks to reprise his role as Batman in DC’s upcoming Justice League movie, Christopher Nolan will oversee the project, and Man of Steel-helmer Zack Snyder will produce – and possibly direct – if a new report from Latino Review is to be believed.

The website claims that Nolan is now in charge of the entire DCU at Warner Bros., and is in discussions to act as a sort of Godfather to the project, as well as produce alongside Zack Snyder. The studio allegedly wants the film to be set in the same universe as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which naturally means a return of Bale’s Batman. Not only that, but Justice League would also tie in with Snyder’s gritty Man of Steel, which means – you guessed it – Bale’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman would appear in the same universe, in the same movie, at the same time.

As the website correctly notes, Bale wouldn’t be against reprising the role, as long as the story was right. “I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work,” he told Empire Magazine last summer.

Considering Marvel hit the billion-dollar jackpot with the culmination of its Phase One shared universe model, The Avengers, imagine what Warner Bros. could spin by crossing over their top-tier DC properties? And if Justice League releases in 2015 as planned, it will go up against The Avengers 2 the same year, which is certainly an unprecedented clash of the comic book movie titans.

While the information is definitely still camped out in rumorville, the folks at Latino Review have traditionally proven themselves to be a reliable source for scoops, and this could certainly be one of their biggest.




4 comments on “Christian Bale To Return as Batman in the Justice League?

  1. This would be the coolest thing if it was done right. This is a lot of different factors put into one. If they were to mess this up it could pretty much ruin everything. Having Nolan and Snyder working together is definitely a confidence booster because I love their gritty style and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Crossing my fingers for this one!

    • Yeah, this would be awesome if it were true, I’d love to see a more grittier version of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash etc in the hands of Nolan and Synder. Especially if Man of Steel turns out to be epic like it should, Justice League could… could even be as good as The Avengers.

  2. Awesome news. Which universe do you prefer? Marvel or DCU? Don’t worry, this won’t dissolve into petty comparisons of better superpowers. I’m just curious. : )

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