Arrow Season 1 Episode 15: Dodger – TV Review

I review Dodger, the fifteenth Arrow episode. 

“An episode that was ultimately a let down after the fantastic The Odyssey, still manages to prove entertaining.” 

Warning! This Review Contains Minor Spoilers

Alright, let’s talk about Dodger. It was always going to be hard to follow up to the brilliant, flashback heavy The Odyssey – it’s almost a bit like Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises coming after The Dark Knight, only with a week gap in between the two rather than a few years and a less budget and timeframe. I really enjoyed last time’s episode and Arrow for me is certainly becoming one of my favourite shows, just missing out on that Top 5 spot which I’ve already mentioned in my review of the pilot episode of Zero Hour. This episode is certainly an interesting one, for it sees not only the debut of Roy Harper, who’s currently Arsenal in the New 52 Comics and was Green Arrow’s sidekick before (I think, I’m not up to date with Red Hood and the Outlaws and it’s been a long time since I read an issue in that series) the relaunch. It also sees the debut of another DC Comics villain, and it appears that Arrow is certainly has a large amount of source material to draw upon – it just has the problem of making the bad guys memorable.

And that really is another flaw with Dodger, the fifteenth episode in Arrow, written by Beth Schwartz and directed by Eagle Egilsson. Like most of the Arrow episodes so far, the bad guys haven’t been strong and I’m really finding it hard to find one that I can see lasting long in my memory, which is a real shame. But whilst this episode lacks the awesomeness-factor in the bad guys, it comes out with some pretty entertaining action and some interesting character development.

For those who have been waiting to see Felicity join Ollie and his merry men, then wait no further. Dodger gives us an idea of what to expect when she’s in the team, and I felt that she really has a strong potential to become really good in the series, as awesome as Diggle is turning out to be. Roy Harper also makes his debut here which is what most fans will remember this episode for, rather than the bad guy. It’s also interesting to note that this episode is important for Ollie’s character development and in particular, the flashback scene where he abandons a guy on the island shows that  he’s certainly changing in the flashbacks as well. And that’s not the only thing where his development is slightly worrying, he almost plays the role of a bully in some of his dealings with Felicity, switching back in some manner what I’m guessing he must have been like before heading to the Island.

There’s also some interesting scenes here that foreshadow the future plot development in the next episode, Dead to Rights, where Moira starts doing some shady dealings with a character who we’ve already seen before – but I won’t go into too much detail as I want to avoid having too many spoilers just in case there’s any Arrow fans who are reading this review and haven’t yet seen the episode yet.


Another Arrow episode with a weak villain, who provides some entertainment but isn’t anymore memorable than previous villains, and Colton Haynes has a strong debut as Roy Harper. However, the flashback scenes weren’t as strong as The Odyssey, which is a shame indeed.

Arrow Episodes: Pilot, Honour Thy Father, Lone Gunman, An Innocent Man, Damaged, Legacies, Muse of Fire, Vendetta, Year’s End, BurnedTrust But VerifyVertigoBetrayal, The Odyssey, Dodger, Dead to Rights (US),  Coming SoonDead to Rights (UK), The Huntress Returns, Salvation, Unfinished Business,

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