Zero Hour Season 1 Episode 1: Strike – TV Review

I review the first episode of the interesting but flawed conspiracy thriller  series entitled  Zero Hour.

“A globetrotting episode that whilst sports some weak dialogue and some not so subtle foreshadowing, the pilot allows for some entertainment and will keep me around for episode two.” 

A friend introduced me to this show and I leapt at the chance to watch the first episode of Zero Hour, as I enjoyed to a certain extent both The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure and I had heard that this show was going to be similar. It was, as it turned out – and Strike was a very interesting pilot episode despite a few weak spots that prevent it from being anywhere near as memorable as my favourite shows, Firefly, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Zero Hour is the TV version of a book that you can see yourself picking up in an airport bookstore for something not too serious to read on the flight. It’s loud, action packed, big in scale and not very intelligent  The characters aren’t very memorable and I’m struggling to recall even one of their names without the aid of Google. At the moment they’re just not very interesting or very stand out creations. You get the leading Journalist (Hank) of a Magazine that delves into the strange and weird teaming up with two reporters (Aaron/Rachel) and reluctantly the FBI (specifically, Rebecca Riley), an old friend Father Mickle,  in order to save his wife from a mercenary/hitman who has kidnapped her because she happens to have purchased a clock in a  market that dates back to WW2 that happens to be when twelve mysterious clocks were made to protect a hidden secret from the SS. The wife leaves the clock back at the Lead Journalist’s house, before heading off to her shop where she is kidnapped.

It’s an interesting storyline and It’ll certainly be good to see where this show develops from here. The plot is interesting and the mystery is compelling, and the show moves at a very fast pace with a nice balance between the questions and answers in this pilot that we’re provided with. Hank’s character is compelling and rootable but the reporters Aaron and Rachel are so weak they could be called Reporter A and Reporter B and nobody would notice any difference.

The appeal of this show will be the conspiracy and the fact that hopefully viewers will want to stick around long enough to find out the answers, but I can’t see it lasting any longer than one season. The dialogue is weak and the foreshadowing is about as subtle as watching Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight proclaim “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain,” which although worked in his case as the film was epic enough to put aside any flaws – Strike, the first episode of this new show was slightly less so. But nonetheless, it’s a show that I’ll be sticking around for at least three more episodes to see how things pan out and if you’re at all interested in conspiracy thrillers then this should be a show for you.


Rubbish Dialogue in places with forgettable characters, the pilot of Zero Hour is made watchable by its enthralling mystery, its interesting plot and its great fast pace.

ZERO HOUR SEASON 1: Strike, Face, Upcoming Episodes: Pendulum, Chain, Suspension, Weight. 

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