Rumours About Marvel’s Phase 3

So, ever wanted to know what’s coming in future Marvel films? If the rumours do happen, and are actually true – then there is a massive spoiler alert for the following.

This is all from IGN (and apparently Latino Review). Apparently, The Avengers 2 will have the Hulk (Mark Ruffallo) shipped off the planet Earth by the film version of Marvel’s Illuminati, allowing for one of Marvel’s Phase 3 films to be focused on the Planet Hulk storyline (which I haven’t read, I’m just writing this all from what I’m reading on IGN), and it’s also important to note that Ant-Man and Doctor Strange will also be two superheroes to get a live-action film for Phase 3.

And that’s not all. Apparently, The Avengers 3 will feature the return of the Hulk, in an adaption of World War Hulk by Greg Pak, a storyline which I still haven’t read yet.

Read the full article over on IGN.


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