What Am I Watching? (On TV)

In this article, I show you trailers for the TV programs that I’m watching on TV at the moment.

This was going to be a Top 5 list of TV programs that are my favourite. And then, I realised – I don’t actually watch that many TV Programs. Not including Comedy shows such as Mock the Week, Russel Howard’s Good News and Live at the Apollo (depending on the acts), I can name the Drama TV shows that I watch by counting them off on my fingers. As I’m going to prove to you now by presenting you a list of the TV shows, with whatever I think is the best trailer (fan made or official) for them. Maybe in the future I’ll write a list of the TV Programs that I need to see.

This list is in no particular order.

Doctor Who


[Note: The Two Fan Trailers that I put up here were not made by me, and the First Question includes elements from the classic series. I would have stuck with one trailer but I think they’re both brilliant. 


The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

And yeah, that’s about it. So, what TV series do you watch? If you haven’t seen any of the TV series above, will you be interested in watching them? What are your thoughts on the above series If you’ve seen them? Are there any shows that you think I should include in the What Should I Be Watching (On TV) post? 


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